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Wiki Caption Competition


We are now looking for good photos to put on the Caption Competition page! Please upload the file on the left menu and then add it to the discussion page, or send it to
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and we'll add it for you. Please do not directly upload photos to this page as we need to make sure they are suitable first!

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How to Play

Look at the photo, and try to produce a fitting title for it, then write it in the space below with your name (or alias), so you can get the credit! Happy captioning!

Current Image

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  • "Your captions here..."
  • "Innocent was pleased with his new beard" *Mr Ventress starts clapping* - Jacob
  • "Mr Ventress' atire was somewhat frowned upon for the remembrance day of the Irish potato famine, although he found it quite marvellous" - Lewis
  • "Rather than randomly shaving off his beard, as he was prone to do, Ventress shocked young and old alike by dying it green instead" - Chris
  • . Mr ventress decided to take a risk, and dye his hair green. little did he know, his roots would soon come through. - anna :)
  • . "oh dear god, keep your pot of gold!"
  • .

Credit to T.R.

Archive Editions

#8 Mr Gray

Mr Gray.JPG

The winner...

"And with the Ring destroyed within the fires of Mount Doom, Frodo felt relaxed enough to pose for a picture with his hat at a cheeky angle..." - MRW

When Mr Gray had finished scaling to the peaks of Mt. Morris, Mr Gray felt elated. It was at that moment that he thought, "How do I get down from this ear?"

Mr Gray finally managed to break his high climbing record. This time the stone was 2cm high! - Dale Whitaker

For once in his life Mr. Gray felt tall. He then felt uncomfortable when he sat on the pointy rock and fell off. - Billybob

"As If the bus stops 20m from the top" - Unknown

"We're taking the hobbits to Isengard" Gordon Ramsell

"No more hobbit jokes or I'll throw this rock at you" Tar7arus

#7 Mr Spencer


The winner...

"Having blown that year's Geography budget on Bonio dog biscuits, Mr Spencer set about making a spanky new television for room 56." Luke Bramwell

"Having heard Michael Winner telling him to calm down because its a commercial, he proceeds to greet his mother, who quickly runs away." 10:54, 11 February 2007 (UTC)

"Mr Spencer was amused for hours by the small rectangle of black plastic. Thinking it was a window, he shouted out of it at some kids playing football near his room and disturbing the lesson" (a memory from my year 12 days) - Chris

"Mr Spencer 'accidentally' frames himself when a student 'just happens' to be holding up a camera" - Jonny

"Mr Spencer wonders how stupid he can make himself look with a small black rectangle" - Nikki

"And for my next trick, I'm going to make the border of the 'city' disappear too! Everyone say the magic word; altogether now... Superclastifrageruptic-Diversifification!" - Glabrata

"Mum, look I am on telly" Gordo


The students beg Mr. Spencer to take away the photo as they wish to see the real face of the man who has been teaching them for the past four weeks.Tar7arus 17:30, 7 February 2007 (UTC)

[In Bill Oddie voice] And here we have the native Mr Spencer trying to remake the Canon adverts for television Lamby 19:51, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

#6 Mr Elmer


The winner...

"Mr Elmer sends telepathic messages to Ben to hit the student doing the "bunny ears" over the head with a chair." Sam

"Mr Elmer uses sheets of sticky labels to abduct a student after he commented that Simon's singing was better." David

"Mr Elmer was visualizing the spanking that the boy to his right was going to get for trying to distract him with a mooney. Others took swift advantage stealing school equipment and publicly humiliating the none-to-wise Elmer"

"I hate my job..." - Heskey

"Mr Elmer knew the culprit was doing the "bunny ears" behind his head, but decided not to get him back until he had a rather heavy guitar handy...." Chris

"Mr Elmer decided not to stand for this disgust of his reputation, donned his cape and mask and set to the streets to react his revenge!" Kronos

"It's really Ben with his axe that Elmer should be worrying about" Stevens

"It's a great business..." Jonny

"OK, you can stop making fun of my receding hair line now!" Ashley

Woe unto you, O Hiding Student, for the Elmer plans his revenge with Wrath, for he knows he is too short. And let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the revenge, for It's number is six hundred and sixty six" - Revelation of Tar7arus Chapter 13

#5 Miss Bowden's Car


The winner....

Miss Bowden is unimpressed upon finishing her 20km pink-parachute jump after forgetting to remove the inconveniently placed top-box; thus failing to drop in through the sunroof and make a stylish drive-off exit. Onlooking sixth-formers who were just about to wrap up her car in a similar material look confused and bewildered. - David

"Oh thanks for the present guys... WOW is it... a car? Hey what's this it's my car!" Everyone shortly after scattering in all directions from Miss Bowden - Lamby 18:30, 29 November 2006 (UTC)

"dresses are not to be used to wash cars!"- pauline

"If any of you scruffy waster bums so much as look at my car and its decorative shawl, I'll skin you alive with this finger right here" (Proclaimed the mighty Bowden) - L


(That is actually a word, or so a chemistry site tells me) Rob My PageTalk 22:47, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

"Steve had often wondered why his mum was considered someone 'not to be messed with' in the criminal underground" - 18:56, 4 November 2006 (GMT Standard Time)

"Now you've wrapped them round my car, I will demonstrate how to wrap a burette around your head" - Chris

"Is it any wonder that some car insurance companies don't want to insure me when I've got morons like you vandalising my automobile?!" - Heskey

After auditing Tom Davies for nearly running him over, Miss Bowden finally realises that she was in the wrong, not him!!! - Unknown

"I swear I wasn't drink driving!" - Tom Davies (That was way unfair when she nearly ran me over and gave me an audit)

"As the other students kept her distracted, the Artful Dominic attempted the back-window break-in attempt."- Nick

"OK, which one of you bastards unpacked my topbox???" Shadybean 23:53, 12 December 2006 (UTC)

#4 Mr Reeves and his small drink


The winner...

"Ticket to party: £5. Suit: £50. Bottle of wine: £7. Watching a teacher get drunk: priceless" -

"Wow i must be drunk, Mrs Kennedy is hotter than usual!" - unknown

"This Week on Americas drunkest teachers!" - Kronos 18:25, 29 October 2006 (GMT Standard Time)

"No, no, this isn't mine.. I'm not at a funny angle.. I'm not drunk!!" - Chris

'But in the morning you woke up next to this' -SRN

"The weird thing is, this is actually a Maths lesson..." - Elliot

"Me, the Third Duke of Winchester, working in a 6th Form, with my reputation???" MRW.

"What? I want a little wine with my din dins!" - Heskey

"If this is the standard of BRGS comedy I'll have to start on the hard stuff" Stevens

"No, I'll be needing the whole bottle, Mrs Chapman. This next trick's one that Simon Kroll taught me."

"Hi everybody. I'm 'Simon', and I'm a mathematician." - Glabrata

"I swear, it's blackcurrant..."

The reality of what he had just done with Mrs Gregson had just set in...

#3 Gareth having a nap..


The winner...

"Gareth tried to use the power of thought to morph himself into Mr Ventress" - Luke Bramwell

"Surrounded by spectres on a school trip. What a horrible dream!" - Glabrata

"Come on Gareth, Mrs Helm's Lessons Aren't That Boring" - Anomaly

"Numa Numa iei! Numa numa, numa iei!" - Heskey

"Gareth feels the effect of the "quick release" zoom lens" Stevens

"Now he is just asking to be poked!"- Anon.

"If you look close enough, theres Gerbils hiding up his nose" - Richard Smith

"Unfortunately it wasn't all a dream" - Durham

"NINJA!" Wez

"Pwnt" - Said student

"Portly student sleeps on coach" - MRW.

"Count the chins"

"Ashworth toys with his opponent by getting him into checkmate whilst asleep!!!! A tactical prodigy, Gareth has been described as Chess' answer to Wayne Rooney." - Alex

"Bear tranquilizor misses target."- Tom Davies

#2 Andrew and Elliot


The winner...

"The largest incentive in human history for people not to walk into the light" - unknown

"I had a dream like this once!!"

"I once had a near death experience. Never again..." - John Holland

"Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones let themselves go before the filming of Men In Black III."- Nick

"Illegal monkey egg smugglers beware." - Gareth

"Low budget chromakeying experiment goes horribly wrong." - 00:08, 5 July 2006 (GMT Standard Time)

"Who removed Gary Lineker?" - AKIF (glad to have the picture changed)

[to random year 7 "I'm pleased to introduce you to your buddies" - Stevens

'And then God said from the light let there emerge fools and there was and he saw that it was good' SRN

"Someone took the new england shoot a little too seriously"

"Andrew, my ears are burning, I think that means they're writing captions about us!"- Dominic

"You don't want to mess with these two, they're Lord Morris's bodyguards, they may not look it but they're well hard- so don't diss" - Jenifa xxx

#1 Janet and Akif


The winner...

"I swear to God, Akif, that'd better be your hand on the back of my head."- Nick

"He looks like that every time (insert fit girl's name here) walks in the room...ah, teenagers in love :P" - Alex

"Wow, have you heard what this girl can do? It's like a real life fart-button!" - (anon.)

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. When I get all steamed up then I shout. Tip me over and pour me out." -

"Look ma, no hands!" - Elliot

"Good Lord, check this out guys. I swear that's not natural!" - Milord