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"Great Pants!!"

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On the Windy BRGS FundRaising Walk

Elliot is renowned for his distinctive pants across the whole of BRGS. His friends are often referred to as someone who "knows the guy with bright pants," due to his immense celebrity status in the lower school, and indeed the sixth form. As such, he was recently voted 'Best Dressed Male' for the 2006 yearbook.

Elliot on His Pants

"Contrary to popular belief, I do not enjoy being heckled in this way. I kindly request the entire world to stop pointing out my immaculate sense of style and fashion. I am aware that I am at the forefront of the fashion world, and have in fact had many top name designers asking me for tips for their next line, but have chosen to remain silent, as I do not want anyone else '...pinching any of my damn ideas. Now sod off...'"


"A pie in the hand is worth two in the bush."

"Dave that should be a plus, not a minus."

"Melon, what's eight plus two?"

(In response to a really crappy university/college advert/leaflet thing) "Inner city people don't want culture; they just want drugs and prostitutes." - a demonstration of political correctness at its best!

"Ow, my limbs."

(drinks vinegar) "Oh that's gross..." (drinks more vinegar)

Where are you now?

In a hermit-like state after being snowed under by the masses of Earth Sciences and Physics homework to do with the Geophysics Course at the University of Liverpool.