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  • Please be aware that this website is intended for event and anecdotes about BRGS, specifically at school (or on school trips). It isn't a gossip site and should not be used to post information about peoples' personal lives, both students and teachers. Any information posted that isn't directly related to the school and its' occupants will be removed, and the poster warned.
  • This rule covers any information about lives, including where someone was born, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and so forth. Adding these details to the site (even if they are your own details!) is a breach of this policy and will result in a reprimand from the moderators. Furthermore, email addresses on websites can easily be picked up by automated "spam bots", resulting in some more unwanted mail for the account's owner.
  • Also, please ensure that rumours about teachers, students etc are NOT posted. We understand that some people may have no issue with certain facts being made public, but as we cannot verify who is behind a username, we cannot possibly know if the person in question has given their consent. This is not Facebook after all, and the site must be kept factual and relevant to school life. Things such as musical tastes and favourite football teams may stay, because it is generally factual about the person.
  • As ever, if you have an issue with the content of this site, please use the Moderation Requests page, or send an email to
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    and a Moderator can alter or delete it if necessary.