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Moderators are users who have been given extra tools to help in the upkeep of the wiki, specifically ensuring content is of an acceptable standard. You can use this page to ask a moderator to do one of the following things:

  • Deleting a page or image - please use this instead of just blanking the content!,
  • Restoring a deleted page,
  • Protecting a page to prevent editing by certain groups,
  • Banning an IP or user's ability to edit the wiki,
  • Unbanning a banned IP or user's ability to edit the wiki,

This page can also be used for reporting any vandalism you spot - please provide a link to the page and we'll do the rest!

If you have an issue with the Wiki's policies, please contact Chris directly on his talk page by clicking here or David by clicking here.


If you have any issues with some of the content on this site, please leave a message below. Alternatively, contact Chris or David directly on their talk pages.

If you would prefer to raise an issue more privately, please email us at
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