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"Vandalism" is a term used fairly loosely on this site, and basically covers all negative or unhelpful edits. We all make mistakes however, so if you mess up while using the site please make a request for us to undo your work - no problem!

Here is a general list of what, in our eyes, constitutes vandalism - please note this is not an exhaustive list!

Due to an unacceptable level of vandalism from the BRGS IP address, editing this site while in school has been prevented indefinitely.

Minor offences (yet still unacceptable)

  • Deleting the whole content of a page - if you want a page deleting please ask a moderator by looking at Moderation Requests.
  • Adding pointless content, along the lines of "<Person A> is well fit and is orange" Essentially, anything that is acceptable on "MySpace" is not acceptable here!
  • Swearing. If a quote has a swear-word in, it's not really suitable.
  • Advertising an external site - we cannot be held accountable for any content linked to. (Links to other sites are permitted but should include a disclaimer. Linking to "questionable" sites is absolutely forbidden!)
  • Breaking the privacy policy, such as for saying where someone was born, where they live etc. Making allegations however counts as a personal attack.


Major offences and personal attacks

  • Adding insulting comments to someone's page will result in a ban! The policy for such comments is that if they can possibly be seen in an insulting or derogatory way they cannot be posted (even if they are intended as a joke!), as we cannot confirm that the subject can see the funny side. This includes suggesting someone is "fat" or "gay", which can cause as much offence and upset to someone as a swear word. At the end of the day, this is a factual site, not somewhere to have a gossip.
  • Blanking many pages is regarded by some moderators as a big, big, big no-no.
  • Any racist comments.
  • Any comments of a sexual nature. This is becoming more prevalent recently, and will be dealt with by deleting any offending comments. Remember that people of any age can access this site, and it needs to be kept suitable.


It can be quite difficult to police all the wiki at busy times; so if you spot any vandalism anywhere on the site, please tell us here and we'll sort it out.