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Jonathan arrived at the school in 2006, having joined on results day.


He's just under 6'0", has average length hair (which is not ginger!) and usually wears shirts instead of a shirt and tie or jacket etc. He's fairly thin, although, worryingly, he put on a stone over the summer holidays!


He had a fairly busy life before BRGS, as you can read here...

Primary School

Jonathan was born at 4.35pm on the 20th May 1990 at Birch Hill Hospital, Rochdale (yes he's one of them!) and went to Whittaker Moss Primary School where he did pretty well in his SATs with straight fives in English, Maths, and Science.

Secondary School

He then went to Oulder Hill Community School, form 7S1 then 8X4 through to 11X4, again in Rochdale, where he didn't really do much for five years apart from school band and the cross-country team. He did all his work in lessons without too much enthusiasm; however, he was still called a nerd by the chavs and general failures at the school.

In his GCSEs, he got 5 A*s, 6As and 2Cs; which he doesn't think is that good; however many people disagree on the grounds that that is thirteen A-to-Cs with over 84% A-grade or above.

The BRGS era

He then arrived at BRGS and liked it quite a lot. He was in 12SPO, with the legend that is Mr Overend; however, he didn't really know many people in his form yet. He was taking Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Music at AS-level; and didn't have any plans to drop a single subject at A-level.

He recorded his first pool win against Helen Beck; after successive losses to James Whish, Philip Archer and Michael Nielsen (twice). Most people agreed that he really did need to practise.

He did do some work ages ago on the wiki, but then stopped as he didn't really know much about the school to be able to write about it. While he was here, he made or started pages such as the editing help page, the upper common room page and fixed a load of links. He was also the instigator of Category:Pages to be deleted; which really does need looking at at is even still ranked 3rd for most edits ever!

(I have returned though! This time under a username!)

Jonathan can usually be found in the Lower Common Room, near the pool table.


He's pretty easy-going with most people; but he can't be having with selfish, rude or arrogant people. He also doesn't like people who decide to show-off to his other friends when they don't even know them.

Apart from that; he doesn't really care what people are like, and he'll happily be friends with anyone. He also doesn't really care about doing favours; as long as people don't take this too far and assume he'll do unreasonable things for them.


Jonathan's got a pretty busy 'hobby life' (as it could be called!) It involves him out every evening from Monday - Friday, and Saturday mornings.


He plays trombone and euphonium (apparantly he's the only player of these in the school). He's in one orchestra, three wind bands, a brass band, a big band and a samba band. He also helps out (i.e. works) at three other bands, which means that music takes up a fair portion of his life. Memorable trips with Rochdale Music Service include Italy 2004; Germany 2004/2005/2006, Dublin 2005 and Italy 2006. They also have several overnight trips to competitions etc. in Glasgow, London and Birmingham.

The bands are pretty successful - reigning entertainment champions; reigning NCBF champions; reigning Music for Youth champions and recently selected to play at the Royal Albert Hall!

He's about grade 8 on trombone and about grade 6 on euphonium.

Jonathan's also recently tried teaching himself bass guitar; however he's struggling as he can only read tabs and he keeps strumming with his thumb instead of plucking with his fingers. However, if you want anything by Arctic Monkeys or Oasis, he's your man!


Jonathan goes running at Rossendale Junior Harriers; who train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Marl Pits. He's had a good three years there, however, he's sort of losing interest at the minute as he doesn't go running enough to get any better, so he's simply plataued whilst everyone else has shot past him. He still really enjoys it, however, as it's a good way of keeping fit and he really likes the people who go there.

Music tastes

Jonny's got a fairly wide range of musical tastes, liking anything from Led Zeppelin to YBS Brass Band through The Killers, Muse and KT Tunstall. The only things he can't stand are rap; screaming (he wouldn't go so far as to call it music) and some party songs. Most are OK though.


Jonathan goes by a variety of nicknames:

  • Jonathan (obviously)
  • Jonny
  • Jon (only his family call him this though!)
  • Parton (this nickname emerged after Michael Nielsen discovered that the original proposed name for the the quark was a parton, leading to the inevitable use of this name by the physics lover.)
  • Nova
  • Quark
  • JP

This means that if he doesn't immediatly answer you, he's probably running through these in his head to see if yours matched up!

Sneaking On Buses

Despite his deceptive appearance, Jonny is actually bad to the bone, know to dodge his way out of Maths homework, not revising for tests, and even sneaking on buses. However he is to be commended for his cleverness on the latter of these despicabale acts. After one Maths Lesson (29/11/06), he was discussing with Rob Pilling how to get on the bus without paying. You see, he had lost his return ticket, and needed the bus to get home. Rob suggested that Jonny used his superior intellect to trick the bus driver into letting him on the bus.

Please Note: The following method has not been fully tested, and neither Rob or Jonny accept any responsibility for anyone using it.

However this is the general trend of the Method...

Jonny (Speaking to Bus Driver): "Did you know that 2 + 2 = 4?"
Bus Driver (Genuinely Supprised): "Does it? Just let me get a bit of paper"
Jonny then explains this Mathematical Phenomena,
Bus Driver (Clearly perplexed by this): "erm... wait...."
Jonny: "Yeah, that's right, you see *points to paper*... carry the two... add your y-intercept..."
Bus Driver (Getting quite desperate): "Please... Stop..."
Jonny: "and then you take the 2 across to the other side... square root of -1..."
Bus Driver: "Please... No... i don't understand..."
Jonny: "And then you come to the answer of 4..."
Bus Driver: "Okay, just get on the bus, please! i can't bear it..."

And thus, Jonny gets a free bus journey.

Contacting him

If you want to contact him, either go to the Lower Common Room at break and hope he isn't doing any work in the Library, or email him at [email protected]. Don't bother adding this email address to any mailing lists or anything; he's already been signed up for them all. If you want his MSN address, ask him and he'll probably give it you!