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A LVIth'er who greatly enjoys Physics and Further Maths. Perhaps a bit too much.

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Mike at the Manchester Christmas Market

An interesting fellow whom will solve many a complex mathematical problem in his spare time and share his findings in Physics or Chemistry. Why not maths or even futher maths I hear you cry?! The reason for this being that he likes to confuse lesser beings with his immense Maths SKILLZ.

Isn't afraid to speak his mind; and tells people if he doesn't like them.

He can often be found in the lower common room desperately trying to beat Philip Archer at pool. To date, this has happened 3 times, however only once by skill alone. It is likely to stay that way for some time.

Is easily frustrated by people's inability to see solutions to "easy" problems.

He has also been known to successfully re-arrange the beast of equations...

x = ut + 1/2at2

to make t the subject, which is quite an incredible feat. The Rearrangement

He is also currently ranked number 8 for most edits on this wiki


Michael Nielsen is one of the few people who enjoys his subjects so much he often has cravings to continue with them outside school. Not homework, just solving mathematical/physics problems for fun. Here are the subjects he studies:


  • "Emily, don't be such a rude girl."
  • "Well of course x = 42."
  • "Oh, buggeration."
  • "Oh yes, pure maths...(groan of pleasure)."