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Mr Archer (Head of Physics)
Physics is a wonderfully varied subject. You will embark on a voyage of discovery - from the very tiniest atoms to the BIG universe. What happens when I drop two bricks, different masses, identical shape, out of a window? Are my readings correct? What is the uncertainty? (if you want to answer, "Does anyone get hurt?" Health and Safety would perhaps be a more appropriate subject choice)

The subject comprises of six relatively large modules, taught in some kind of random rotational pattern by Mr Archer, Miss Mochrie, Mr Wilkinson and Mr Newby. These are:

  • Mechanics and Radioactivity
  • Thermal and Electical Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Circular Motion; Photoelectric Effect and Waves
  • Fields and Capacitors
  • Synoptic and Particle Accelerators

The majority of these topics are also covered in GCSE Physics, hence the expression "my GCSE students can do this" comes up a lot.

This subject is sometimes quite fun because there are often practicals, especially at the start of Year 9. If you want bunsen burner practicals try Chemistry. This is the subject where particle theory and the states of matter are studied (although the most common earthly states: solids, liquids and gases, are the only states studied, meanwhile all other states of matter go unmentioned).

Physics Rooms