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Mr Archer
Subject & Other Involvements

Physics, Eco Schools, The Garden

Famous for:

His smile!


Mr Archer leads the Physics Department, namely Mr Jackson and Mr Wilkinson. With a voice that sounds not too dissimilar from that of Alan Partridge he delivers engrossing lessons smattered with action and humour, for example 'the 8ft pole is a wire' experiment, as well as the 'stand on tables' experiment. Though never thrifty with his students' homework load, Mr Archer maintains order and, on average, high grades. Also known to some of the new sixth formers as Phil's Dad but never said to his ever smiling face. He is also known as the Eco-Lord, as he is an eco-warrior.


In every assembly that he does he always does a song he has written himself oftenly in the style of Bob Dylan.


Mr Archer is most known throughout school for his dedicated work involving the Eco Schools group. To his dismay, the group was labelled in the BRGS Express as 'Geeko Schools'. Despite many skeptics, Mr Archer has gone ahead and produced a wonderful Woodland Garden which is highly used and well appreciated by the lower school. On rare occasions he is seen with his arctic side kick, Peter the polar bear.

Mr Archer has also had a run-in with Mrs Taylor over the Eco Schools project, when he complained in an article in the Blueprint about how the paper itself was a waste because nobody wanted it.

Mr Archer, the Eco-Lord, has spawned at least two offspring who we know about. One is of course, young Philip who along with his father, fights the evils of litter.

Out and About

In 1993, to celebrate his 40th birthday Mr archer scaled the Three Peaks to raise money for some Scouts to do some some charity work in Romania (Mr Ormerod being one of these Scouts). However, being the eco-friendly man he is, he saved travelling to the Lakes, Scotland and Wales and simply went up Holcombe Hill 20 times to reach the equivalent height. He said the following to the Free Press:

  • "I feel I have had a very good 40 years but because so many of my activities have been dedicated towards environmental issues, people may get the wrong impression that I am more concerned about trees than people and this will redress the balance."

The Smiling Teacher

Mr Archer has a reputation for his smile, which doesn't seem to stop. Whilst handing out referrals, setting homework, giving out good and bad marks, telling an ex-student off for being the person who borrowed some booklets and possibly allowing him to forget who that ex-student was, for instance, he can generally be relied upon to be the primary smiler in the room. On (very) rare occasions, as with any human being, Mr Archer does have a bad day. His students certainly know about it.



"Let's go ep in yars to a time when coal and gas was rarr"

"Yeash" (said in the style of Sean Connery)