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Geography... the best subject you could learn. It is equal with History in terms of video hours (unless you have Mrs Young who rarely shows videos). Almost every teacher is head of something. You could even have been taught by Doc Rob a few years ago, which was a surreal, amazingly fun experience!

The best bit of Geography is the high-tech method of measuring the velocity of a river - two poles to mark a section of river of known length, and a watch to time how long it takes for the Bonio Dog Biscuit (not bourbons) to travel between the two poles. Genius.

Most of years 7, 8 and possibly 9, simply consists of title pages and photo-copied worksheets.

And who can forget those all-expenses-paid-for, 1st class Geography field trips to the one and only ... that's right... Waterfoot, to study the back-to-back housing that exists in only 263 other known locations in Britain and the famed, critically acclaimed, completely-relevant-to-Geography secret recipe of the award winning Mannings' pies.

You are almost guaranteed to do well in your Geography GCSE and A-Level because all the questions are similar and you are told what to write in model answers... No revision, just memorise...(which is pretty much the same as revision actually)

Geography teachers

Geography Rooms

The Geography department is probably the most fragmented department in the school, spread between the Hall, the Extension Corridor and the Newchurch Wing