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Some subjects, especially Geography, have a limited amount of questions that can be asked during GCSE and A-Level exams because the syllabus is so specific. The questions, although phrased slightly differently, can be answered in very similar ways. The teachers can therefore answer the question for you and you can just learn it and recite it really. They argue that their answers should be compared your own, not used as your own...


Would you care to learn c. 500 different model answers? Or, to put it another way, would you like to learn the theory behind these answers? There's no point in studying a subject if you don't end up understanding it - which you won't if you just memorise the model answers. Due to the large size of its syllabus, Geography, along with some other subjects, is probably one of the most intense areas of study in terms of the stuff you have to learn. We do happen to have extremely good teachers, though.


The model answers cannot be used in some modules. Model History answers are not recommended for use in Physics exams.