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As well as Mrs Young's general excitement about the future of the school and how dedicated to the good ship BRGS we all ought to be, she does her best to steer her year group through the choppy waters of life.

She is world-famous for pronouncing the word "one" as "wun", "layers" as "lairs", "nicole" as "nikol"

Quite an old fashioned teaching style which largely appears to be based on the idea that teaching only involves dictation. Her lessons are extremely boring and lack interaction. Despite this she does hold extensive knowledge on her subject matter and can convey this well.

She drives a large people carrier, which is quite contradictory to her beliefs on global warming and how we should all try and help the environment.

Her smile is well known, and her office is right in between two of her year's form rooms, which she seems to love.

She is currently stalking 08B. She is their Head of Year for the second year in a row (she is supposed to stay with the same year until they leave though) she has them for Geography third year in a row and PSHE for the first time.

Mrs Young set 08B a homework at the end of Year 8, to make a fossil, over the summer holidays. Jake Sutcliffe was the only person who remembered being told the homework and the only one who did it, so Mrs. Young gave him a merit a real fossil (the real fossil was only about 1cm3).

It is rumoured that when she gets angry at someone, she throws her wig at them, like a frisbee.

Each lesson, she usually starts making something up in her head and tells you to write it down in your book (She goes on for about a page worth of work.) Don't even bother asking her to repeat helself, she will have already forget the last word she said. However, her lectures are based on the content of the textbook, as she sometimes reads from them to aid her.


  • "This is to be handed in tomorrow morning" (It's always for tomorrow morning)
  • "If this isn't complete it'll be homework" (No-one ever completes it)
  • "I shall say this only wunce"
  • "Can I borrow James please?" (James returns red faced and our of breath) "Just a check up ;-)"
  • "You will have wun hour to do wun piece of work or you shall get a detention"
  • (To her year during year assembly 2006) "I do get a lot of pleasure from seeing and helping you"

(many things we do seem to give her 'pleasure')

  • "I'm carrying the can."
  • "ITS A GAME!"
  • "I get pleasure from compliments.."
  • "The river goes wuuoooosh!"
  • Mrs. Young: "Now 9B, I'm just going to dictate a couple of paragraphs to you." (proceeds to make them write at least five pages)
  • (During an extremely boring dictation) "Last sentence" (Says the last sentence) "Full stop." (promptly continues to make us write half a page more, saying last sentence every sentence. She later denied all of this.)
  • She will often seem to have come to the end of a sentence and pause before saying "comma" and carrying on the sentence that's already taking up 1/4 of your page. She seems to enjoy doing this as well.
  • "Good afternoon Year 7, sit down quietly please."
  • "I do love those burleyhammers."
  • "Longs-leddle" (as opposed to the normal way of saying it "Longsly-dale")
  • Mrs. young was telling us some revision notes on rivers "spelt R-I-V-E-R-S" then told us this!

"Another thing you will need to revise is flood plains spelt P-L-A-I-N." I mean come on we all no how to spell plain don't we?