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Most teachers will tell you that you are supposed to get an hour of homework a night(excluding weekends), if you do your homework the night it is set. This however is rarely true. Some days you are set no homework, some days you are set seven hours! If you have been set an IT homework that the teacher told you will take 5 minutes, it probably won't. You will start up your computer at home, then you'll probably have to wait for it to load, then you have to log on to your settings, then open the document or whatever it is and do the "5 minute" work. The process of waiting for all of this will take betwwen 1 minute to well, anything. It will be longer if you are using the remote access. This website lets you log into your school account from home, enabling you to access the school's applications and your work saved at school. It will take a while to log you in and whilst you are completing your all important homework, the remote access tab you are accessing school with will run really slowly.

Year 7

In year 7, you may think you get a lot of homework because you are fresh out of primary school and you get very little/no homework in primary school. You are, however, mistaken. There are probably at least two days a month, if not more when you DON'T GET ANY HOMEWORK AT ALL. These days are to be cherished. They will soon disappear.

Year 8

Pretty much the same as year 7, but you will have to start doing French or Spanish. You are not allowed to complain about language homework until you are given two sides of gobbledogook (ie French, Spanish or German) and are told to learn it all by heart.

Year 9

Towards the middle/end of the year, you'll get a lot of IT homework. It is important to remember that this homework is actually important, as it is possible to get full marks on your GCSE exam (an A*), and go on to get an A on your coursework, but be told that the A you got in your coursework was not good enough, so you still only just scraped an A for your overall mark.

Year 10

You get your homework timetable on the first day (or near the end of the first half term if you were the '06 intake) look at it, scream, faint, wake up, scream some more and run from the room in tears. This is because they put all the homework for the whole year on one sheet. So while it may look like you have 30 homeworks per night, you do not, the amount you actually have depends on the subjects you took.

Some subjects, such as Drama seem like nice easy subjects because you seem to get no homework in the first week or so. You will spend the first fortnight pointing and laughing at your friends who took Maths Plus and seem to be getting lots of homework. Then you soon come to realise that your life now revolves around drama, and any/every bit of spare time you have must be spent rehearsing. Even if it's not free time, it still must be spent rehearsing.

For subjects such as English and Maths, the frequency that homework is set doesn't really change, but you are expected to spend longer on your homework than you had to in previous years.

Year 11

You'd have to ask a year 11...