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Drama is a GCSE subject which was introduced at BRGS a couple of years ago. Apparently it is completely different at A-Level, which is why it is called Theatre Studies at A-Level.

Do not take drama if:

  • You are ill regularly; you are still expected to come in and perform even if you have food poisoning and are at home being sick (however, according to Mr Neve, a serious traffic accident is a 'suitable' excuse for not coming in)
  • You have a very busy social life. There are points where you feel the need to rehearse at break, lunch, in lesson and after school all in the same day. You don't have a social life anymore.
  • You don't like T6 (for some really odd reason...), because this is where your timetabled lessons will probably be. Although, rooms 81/82 (the big room in the Clark Building) can sometimes be used for rehearsals. This may also change when/if we get the performing arts block.
  • You are a fan of pantomime. Mr Neve hates pantomime.
  • You are taking Music. Unless you have some sort of time travelling device (in which case you shouldn't be at school, you should be selling copies of said device) then you will inevitably find yourself asking to leave drama lessons to go to a music lesson. Such requests will be met with either "No, you can't miss drama... oh go on then", "Change your music lesson time for next week... or else..." or "YOU HAD A MUSIC LESSON IN MY LESSON LAST WEEK. ARE YOU DOING THIS ON PURPOSE?!"
  • You also take Art. Taking two performing arts subjects at the same time is generally a recipe for disaster, because you will literally do nothing else in years 10 and 11.
  • You don't like spiders, as there seems to be a large number of them living on the fire door in T6. Every time someone opens the door, many people start screaming, which leads to the door being suddenly slammed shut. This is somewhat counter-productive as there are now several squashed spiders splattered on the door.

Do take drama if:

  • You are a naturally talented actor. This helps but not essential. Mr Neve will MAKE you into a good actor whether you like it or not.
  • You're good at group work. If you work well as part of a group, and you do it well, then you're marks will improve. After all, you could be the best actor in the world, but if you're pushing everyone else out then it makes for a pretty bad piece of drama.
  • You are good at thinking on the spot. This helps a lot when you forget lines/someone else forgets their lines/ you don't have any lines. Which seems to happen a lot.
  • You're good at planning. Otherwise you may find that you get nothing done. Which is bad.

The Props Cupboard

Basically, it's just a cupboard like the ones in all the other T-Buildings, but it has more shelves. It's generally very messy in here, and contains everything from a Yellow Brick Road signed by the cast of BRGS's production of the Wizard of Oz, to a very heavy hammer to several wine bottles.

In February 2010 however, Mr Neve decided the props cupboard needed cleaning and told the year 10 set to take everything out, split into two teams and build a den using all the props. This involved sticking wallpaper into holes in the ceiling, picking drawing pins out of the roof with a fork and breaking a radiator guard with a very large flag. Pictures of the completed dens can be found on Facebook, and possibly the school website. The best part was, Mr Neve decided that he wanted to keep the dens up to show other sets, and didn't make those involved in the construction take them down and put them away.