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Peter Griffin - "Math my dear boy is nothing more than the lesbian sister of Biology."

Considered by many to be the easiest GCSE, and later at AS/A2 to be one of the hardest courses BRGS has to offer (except by the idiots who fell into the trap of doing Further Maths who find respite from this in their normal Maths lessons), Maths is one of those subjects that you either get or you don't. If you get it you'll proceed through two years without having to visibly think in one of your lessons and get a shiny A grade at the end of it. If you don't get it you'll have a depressing time as you struggle through masses of homework with only a D or less for your trouble.

A-Level Maths was originally split into two distinct subjects: (a)Maths with Statistics and (b)Maths with Mechanics. However, the number of students who wrote (c)"Neither of the above" led the school to merge the two into a single Maths module, so there is no escape from probabilities or velocities. Or the probability of velocity.

The course is taught by Mr Reeves, Mrs Chapman, Mr Wilbraham, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Mazzina, Mrs Sawle, Mr Halliwell and Miss Ogle. Lessons are generally taught in the extension corridor or in the 'temporary' Maths Block which has been present longer than any student in the school. Lessons also frequently take place in Room 84 and 85.

Maths is notorious for having a chronic shortage of textbooks, meaning that one Year 12/13 set each year often goes without, having to rely on handouts photocopied ad infinitum. Mrs Chapman did once manage to procure a set of new textbooks for GCSE, and allowed her A-Level set to spend a lesson backing and stamping them, with Freddos as a reward.

Investigations are probably the most hated part of Maths lessons along with simultaneous equations. Investigations are a way of torturing students from Year 7 to the rest of their schooling life.

Maths Rooms