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When teaching probability in Maths to a year eight class she said "If i had a bag with some red and yellow cubes in..." She then proceeded to write "randy" on the board, meaning 'r and y'. When she realiased her mistake thanks to an outbreak of laughter from the students, Mr Morris walked in. In an attempt to hide this she then stepped in front of the board, and then randy was projected across her chest. Also whilst teaching a year 8 class, Mrs Mazzina, as she does often to this set, said something in French. Someone then asked her if she had eaten frogs legs. She said yes. Another person then asked her if she had eaten testicles. Once, again, she replied yes. The class then bursts out laughing. The conversation then continued somewhat like this:

  • Mrs Mazzina:"I think they were bull's testicles." (Class continues to laugh)
  • Student:"What did they taste like?"
  • Mrs Mazzina:"They were a bit gristly, actually." (Class laughs more)
  • Student:"Where was this, miss?"
  • Mrs Mazzina: "I think it was in some dodgy South American restaurant. Anyway, back to work know."- She then proceeded to continue the lesson as normal.

Possible Psycho?

Mrs Mazzina often nearly runs over BRGS children when she whizzes up and down the road in her little car. We hope this isn't on purpose...

  • Once in a 7G/B maths class she told us to look out for the phantom fraction and procceded to draw a 'ghost' on the board and danced around shouting BOO at anyone on the end of a row
  • She likes to call people twits. Mostly when they have forgotten their calculator/exersise book/pen/pencil/brain

Dress Code

Have you ever noticed that Mrs Mazzina wears her trousers really high like Simon Cowell!