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File:Reevescaption.jpg Teaches Maths and used to be head of the Maths department, he was promoted and is now Head of the lower school(years 7,8 and 9).


In what was possibly his first ever assembly at BRGS he opened with the words "I had a strange dream last night. I was spiderman. He then explained what this was all about, and said, "I always knew I was spiderman", and "that is my gift and that is my curse, who am I? I'm spiderman!" This has in fact found out to be true, when he appeared to have a spider hanging from his head in one (anonymous)class.

License to kill

The double agent of the Maths department, Mr Reeves carries at least 3 electronic whiteboard pen in his inside breast pocket, just in case. He also carries a scientific calculator incase anyone jumps out and asks him to solve a maths problem.


  • "Now we need to fiddle with the bottom" when talking to the YR13 Further Maths set about a fraction
  • "Chaps and chapesses, or do you prefer chapettes?"
  • "I alway thought that I was spiderman!"
  • "You better be pulling a calculator out of there young lady!!"
  • "Why haven't you got your text book? Just GO." (As student heads for door) "Here's a text book, go sit down."
  • "Beware of the quadrants"
  • "Oh right, soz!"
  • "dont forget homework is in for tomoz!"
  • "I'm an alien sent here

to look for the Symbol of Kang."

  • "Well you see I'm a Time Lord" (escaping from using the term "Let's go back in time a week" after informing the set that time travel was impossible)
  • (Someone's phone rings with 'The Final Countdown') "Who's phone is that? You sad, sad boy."
  • "20 x 3 equals 80".. random student, "No it doesn't Sir", Mr Reeves hurredly fetches a calculator, "I know, I was just testing you"
  • "Thats called cannabalism, girl!!!"

At Les Mis. Rehersal, Says to Student Moving Barricade "Your Not Here! Go Away" Student Now Known As 'Student Who's Not There'

Mathematical Ability

A level maths should be relatively straight forward for a teacher of Mr Reeves standard but unfortunately he struggles with the basics like counting backwards. One maths lesson he started 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 5!


Although Mr Reeves does not seem to be the next Michael Flatley he sporadically starts dancing when somebody does what he wants, such as factorizing or suggesting the correct algebraic process to use. Also, he once told a maths class to gallop out of the room.


He likes to call maths theories by silly names e.g.

  • Billy Binomial
  • Polly Pythagoras
  • Freddy Friction