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Textbooks are becoming a less common sight in lessons as it is cheaper to either use printouts or a simple display on the whiteboard. Some Subjects however still use textbooks on a regular basis.

Modern Foreign Languages

Logo is the German textbook that will accompany you through your German lessons until you drop it either at GSCE or A-level. It is usally full of rude drawings unlike metro which could have two answers - Year 8 and Year 9 have more respect for French then German or the French teachers are way more scary than the German ones. Although published farely recently it still has many outdated images. It will usally form the bulk of the curriculum with tests question and new words coming from it.


The least helpful of all the textbooks it contains very little infomation on the right answers to questions and the dictionary at the rear is questionable. Instead it focuses on making students ask there teachers what things mean (although this may sound basic it is actualy a very scary proposition if you have Miss Wilkes).


The least used textbook is rarely dusted off by the small number of Spanish teachers and seems to be much more 80s style then the other textbooks with retrospect images and a faded blue background.

Other Subjects


Several History textbooks, varying on what you are studying but normally the ageing 'Understanding History' series are used.




In Science, a combination of Hodder and Londsdale books in Key Stage 3


Geography books include:

  • Earthworks 1 and Earthworks 2

There are others as well


PSHE books include:

  • Your Life 1, 2 and 3


The main RS book is 'This Is RE!'. Other books, such as 'Budhism', specialise in particular religions.