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German, French and Spanish teacher. Loves the sixth form, undying hatred for lower school. Gets a VERY scary look in her eyes when a student from lower school speaks to her. She has scared many potential GSCE students away because of her taking any opertunity to shout at you if you speak when she doesnt want you to. She seems to like anyone if you arent wearing normal clothes which explains why she only likes Six Formers and pupils on a non uniform day. She is also known to do a scary Princess Leia impression when reading through pages from a textbook lying on the table like its a Chaise Lounge which is very disturbing. Gives Bs because of one spelling mistake- all we had to do was copy off a board!! Suddenly turns all smiley and nice if a fellow teacher walks in. Gets VERY frustrated if you don't understand something. When picking someone to answer a question, she nods at you, then gets annoyed because nobody knows who she wants to answer.


(first year 7 German lesson of the year)Miss W walks in: "Right. 3 main rules. You ALWAYS bring in your homework, you NEVER forget any equipment, and only I can open the windows. Any questions?" year 7 are sat upright afraid to move "Right. Oh, and if you are nice and cooperate with me, I will be a very nice and cooperative teacher."

"I don't know... Figure it out!"


"Only I can shut the windows".

"We dont have passengers in this class".

"Why do you get kicks from doing things like this"

After she had a rant at 07N because the volume on her tape player was changed. And after all "It wasn't me who left it like that".

On Sixth Form preview days 2008, she scared the prospective French students by speaking 3 words of English in an hour, and proving that French as level will be the hardest thing ever


She once denied a boy to go to the loo because he had no medical problems. She made him stand outside for asking.