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Miss. Ogle is a Maths teacher that arrived in January 2009 to replace Dr Bradshaw. She is Irish. She is a decent teacher but like many has taken to the Penalty points system rather well and has a policy of asking who doesn't have equipment, noting down who hasnt got equipment, lending equipment then distubuting penalty points and warnings.

She often uses mymaths much to the annoyance of her pupils who cant copy in the mornings, or copy at all for that matter.


  • "Alright" In the academic year 09/10 Amy Turner and Anna tallied how many times Miss said this word in a lesson. It was 152 times! Probably because she says this every time she asks a question - which is a lot. However in the spring term she had taken to saying "ok" instead.
  • "On yous go" - You have to imagine the accent.


Miss. Ogle is very strict about time, mainly in Room 57 and being late, if you arrive even a minute late it is as if she has closed the door you'll have to wait outside. She is the one teacher you have to set off at the warning bell for, each lesson.