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Maths Teacher and Countdown Addict

Mark Wilbraham in earlier years.

Teaching Capacity

Signed MSW on his intra-school documents, Mark Wilbraham is a mathematician holding a BSc Hons with a Qualified Teacher Status Degree from Leeds University.


Mr Wilbraham appeared on the television show Countdown on Thursday 6th February, 1997, during its (19524)34th season, and attained a score of 45 points. He was unfortunately defeated by his opponent and did not appear on the show a second time. Unsurprisingly, he did not find the number rounds problematic, but does note that the sound of the musical clock is rather distracting.


  • "Consonant please, Carol."
  • "And that plus makes more plus."
  • "Everyone got it wrong, except those who didn't."
  • "You do make some stupid mistakes!"
  • "Wilbers: "You alright Steph?"

"Steph: "Yeah, are you?"

  • "Exercises and Examples."
  • "you 'right girls?"(repeated every lesson ,with greedy look across his face)
  • "look Greg this is the FIRST time youv'e got a late homework and if you get ONE more its headmasters detention. Because its THREE lates until you get and after school detention."
  • To a YEAR 10 class "Can anyone tell me the name of the line around the circle?", after many whispers of 'does he really want us to answer that?' from the class, someone told him it was a circumference...
  • (in silence, aimlessly wandering around the classroom) to self: "ooh i can smell beef crisps"
  • (also in silence, whilst staring at the wall): "Where were you at lunchtime?"

Repeat 3 or 4 times, each time louder and more irate than the last. ((Okay, so the wall turned out to be a window and there was someone on the other side of it, but it was very funny from the corner of the classroom I was in.))

  • "So why is a cone not a sphere?"
  • Ben Lord came into a year 9 lesson with wet hair so Ric Belsten and Ryan Blackburn decided to do Ben's hair into three mohawks. Wilbers: "Ben what have you done to your hair?" Ben: "no, what have you done to yours?" Wilbers: "GET OUT!"
  • While explaining a question in a test to do with snooker balls: 'well if you do this then you might find yourself snookered haha' *looks proud with himself*
  • How do you excpect me to mark that? By osmosis?
  • (Jenny hands in her coursework)Sir says "Ooh it smells of fish". (sniffs it)" did you leave it in a cat's food bowl?"
  • I like shrek, but the third one wasn't as good as the other two. "said during the middle of a lesson to some students.)

Footballing legend

Mr Wilbraham has appeared in over one staff football match and has managed to 'show the kids some stuff'. Mr Williamson described Wilbo as being "suprisingly tricky" although later went on to say that this was possibly due to him watching too many Rochdale A.F.C. matches.

Wilbers is a committed Dale fan, having watched a total of 6,435,784 matches in his lifetime.


  • Holds the record for carrying the most interactive wipeboard pens in his pocket wth a total of 9.
  • Has the oldest calculator in the school.
  • One day, whilst teaching the Year 8 students that didn't go to Anglesey, he played word countdown. The longest word managed was erection, and the other ovulation.