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Playing taboo, that amazing mathematical game.
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Is that a standard size pint? Looks quite large in comparison!

Mrs Chapman is a Maths teacher at BRGS, she is currently the form tutor of 07R.

Missed Vocation

Due to the fact she is the only teacher in the school to carry "Well done for trying!" stickers, and the fact every piece of work is stamped with a smilie, many believe Mrs Chapman actually trained to be a primary school teacher, yet was seen as too intelligent to teach differential equations to Year 3...


  • "I made a boo boo."
  • "Side heading 'Examples'." (Repeated many times throughout lesson)
  • "S**t." (Recorded three times in seven years of teaching)
  • "Make sure you draw a clear, labelled diagram."
  • "You need a ruler and a sharpened pencil."
  • "Where's your ruler? Use a ruler for straight lines!"
  • "Where's your pencil? Use a pencil for diagrams!"
  • "Stripssss." (Deliberately trying to make the student laugh at the tenuous sexual connection)
  • "Splend..ish." (Comment on work, changed from 'splendid' as she realised that the mark was 9/10, not 10/10)
  • "Two tailed test!"
  • "C! C, C, C, C, C! If it's integration without limits WE NEED A BIG FAT C!"
  • "Clearly I'm invisible... Oh well, I know my place..."
  • "Get those Zs crossed!"
  • "Natural log, not IN!"
  • (Year 9 Camp) "Am I allowed to come in and root around?"
  • "Well, when you find out the words [to the hula song from dirty dancing], come and find me in the staffroom and you can sing to me."
  • "Nobody puts baby in a corner!"
  • (Mrs. Chapman spends 10 minutes typing our homework and an accompanying message that wishes us a good weekend into a lovely pink box on the computer using special font and pretty colours. Only to press the OK button and find it has disappeared...)
  • "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! NO! NO! NO! That took me AGES! Urgh! How annoying. Oh well."
  • "He was trying to find out what he likes about meths." (talking about Ben and Maths)
  • "Schlope."
  • "Morning girls, wakey wakey! Now look at that view (rips open curtains), isn't that beautiful?"
  • "Ties, shirts, buttons, skirts AND blazers." (Said every morning during registation to her form)
  • "Off....Get it off....Get that hoodie off! Now."
  • "Do some work now, I want to see it."

Papa's got a brand new bag (of tent poles)

"Okay, Do Questions 1,3,5,7" *pauses* "all the odd ones" .. (questions pronounced - kwest-ee-ons).

Some fool says...

Recently published photos of year 9 camp yield a proportion of photographs of Mrs Chapman that, to some, seems too many standard deviations away from the mean. The question is: which photographic fiend harbours a secret yearning for Mrs C, expressed only through their happy-snapping?

David Bailey replies...

'Photographic Fiend' answers: "Interesting point. I will, of course, make sure in future that published photos bear a more representative sample of all the happy campers to keep everyone happy. During the week 315 photos were taken and the great majority of these photos were taken nowhere near Mrs C. Indeed, there are also 4 photos of Mr Ventress from the same week. Don't worry, I'm going to talk to my therapist about it."