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Don't forget your graphical calculator!

Course offered at AS and A level by the mathematics department to act as a tasty side dish to the 'normal' maths course. Widely acclaimed as the best sixth form course by those who take it, it is taught by the twin peaks of mathematical mastery, Mr Reeves and Mrs Chapman, and incorporates such topics as:

Small class sizes lead to a unique and friendly atmosphere, which allows groups to develop their own character. The LVIth group is extremely lazy, whilst the UVIth group are widely acclaimed as the next Newtons (although none of them have yet found the Symbol of Kang).


Despite the small size of 4, the 2005-2007 Further Maths Set is engaged in a struggle to avoid Statistics 2 by taking a Mechanics module in its place. The success of this campaign is estimated at 0.4 given that Charles wears a blue hat.

UPDATE: Indeed, the campaign to steer clear of Stats 2 ran aground due to timetabling difficulties and two students owning up to liking Stats 1. Traitors...

Student's Comments

  • "Proof by induction is great!" - Nielsen
  • "Shut up Michael." - Lester

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