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Casio fx-9750G

The Casio FX-9750G is a common sight in any mathematical A level, particularly maths and further maths.

The calculator draws graphs; has boolean algebra capabilities; converts units; integrates; differentiates; cuts through statistics; matrices; basic complex number calculations and is programmable.

There is also a colour version in existence, known as the CFX-9850G. Sacrificing the financial capabilities found on the above model in favour of a tri-colour system, it allows for multiple graphs to be easily distinguished from one another. This model has only half the 64kB memory found on the FX-9750G-Plus, favoured by Mr Reeves. Two LVIth further maths students are currently in possession of such a model, having bought one each at a knock down £25 price at Winfields. They have not yet had trouble with the lack of memory,since neither of them really know how to use it. To their dismay, though, it has recently been discovered that the model also lacks advanced Stats functions such as the Poisson distribution. Alas.

  • Rumored to control the matrix

Never forget to zoom in

on graphs drawn in integration questions, lest you be caught out by the graph sneakily venturing below the x-axis within 0.1 of the boundary. You'll regret it if this terrible event befalls you.

Never use Marks and Spencers batteries

They last all of 5 minutes. What kind of a twit would buy Marks and Spencers batteries anyway? (someone who shops at Marks and Spencers of course)