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Some people know this form as the worst form in the school, with the exception 06 forms. 08B are always getting locked out of Room 58 for the things Elliot, Patrick and Ivan do. Theses things include Ivan smearing vaseline all over the form room, Elliot making a hole in the wall and Patrick making dents in the door. Once, someone ripped an electric whiteboard off the wall. These are only a few of many incidents. So far since September 2010, 08B have had seven final warnings that they will be kicked out of their form room permanently. As of yet none of these threats have been executed. Apparently, the whole form is on the brink of exclusion. Mr Reeves says everytime he sees Room 58, it has deteriorated since last time he lay eyes upon it. Mr Reeves reserves a special kind of hatred for 08B. If anything EVER goes wrong around school, someone in our form is sure to be at the top of his suspect list. His suspect list is usually scarily accurate, because the only people on it are Patrick, Ivan and Elliot.

The 'shed' (Rooms 57, 58 and Mrs Young's office) is notably the building where the most destructive forms are placed (along with the Geography/Germany room in the sixth-form entrance, Room 96) as they are temporary. The forms 08B and 08S have managed to break holes clean through the walls outside and nearly into Mrs. Young's office. Conveniently, she is also their Head of Year so penalty points can be issued immediately. There have been times when 08B got so wild that they knocked everything off of Mrs.Young's shleves after banging into the wall that seperates Room 58 and her office. Mrs. Young once described the experience as "like an earthquake, the wall bent and I nearly got crushed by items falling from the shelves (just some cards she had received, I could have died in there!". 08B students now pretend to be cautious of even touching the wall incase it bends and Mrs. Young is crushed to death (although some of 08B are in favor of this).

On several occasions, both forms have been locked out- and set alarms off whilst sneaking back in.

Their current form tutor, Mrs Sellens, usually arrives late to registration. Later so that the other form has already left their form room, even after having a late registration themselves.

08B had their form room moved to Room 55 in June 2011 and 08G moved into theirs. The change was so that they could be closer to Mrs. Young's office because of something 08G had done to the roof involving a ball and Mrs. Young had had enough of 08B breaking things (they have already started defiling their new room).

Pupils in 08B (in alphabetical order of surnames)

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