William Platt

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Form: 08B

Gender: Male

Age: 13

William can perform a super-parabola-frown, ):

He is not good at super-parabola-smiles.

Will's class think his parents are evil because they don't let him watch 'The Simpsons'. It is currently unknown whether he is still banned from watching simpsons by his parents. He is obsessed with cats.

Big Headedness

William Platt likes to pretend to be an overconfident person who is always right and doesn't believe what anyone says. A better way to describe his true nature, rather than overconfident, would be slightly underconfident, unless the subject is Maths, Science or IT, in which he is considered more people than just himself to always be correct. He thinks he is a genius by far and best in his year at most subjects, but if he was asked "are you sure?", he would hesitate to answer.


William tries to be a kind, polite Christian, but after little in return as thanks, he finds it hard to keep to this policy. He is very funny most days, even when he's in a bad mood. He tries to make a joke out of everything. His friends quite like most of his jokes, but the majority of the form who are less friendly and insult him because they have a different, ruder, sense of humour and do not find his jokes amusing.

School Security

For some reason, William has the uncanny ability to find flaws in the school's computer security. He is always accidentally finding different ways of 'hacking' his way into the school network's high security, sensitive parts that are supposed to be locked down to students. Most of these flaws are only on the school's remote access. There he is opening a word document from classwork...five seconds later and, he's onto the 'C' drive! Opening a homework he e-mailed himself...'C' drive! Can you see what I mean, so many network problems found, just by doing simple tasks.

Musical Capabilities

  • He has saxophone lessons on Thursdays with Mr Searle in practice room 2 in the music department.
  • He has guitar lessons on Saturdays in Haslingden.


  • Chasing PIGEONS.
  • Laughing.
  • Watching, reading, hearing, saying and writing anything comical.
  • Downloading free videos and music for his phone (especially the ones Mr Ward shows him).
  • Making videos.
  • Making html webpages.
  • Making money.
  • Playing cricket.
  • Being better at Maths than everyone else.
  • Talking really fast so no-one can tell what he is saying.
  • Poking Ivan Rhodes.
  • Having fun on fuldans.se (fuldans.se/?v=tqfsgcxvgb for cat in a suit version).

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  • "PI-GEENS"(pigeons)
  • "What you talking 'bout, Wilis?"
  • "She's got it, oh baby, she's got it, I'm your venus, I'm your fire, your desire."
  • "Pi,pi, mathematical pi, threeee point oooone four, one five six two eight nine."
  • "Well that was a load of ppfftt!(a noise similar to flatulence, performed via mouth on this occasion)
  • "What's that thing comin' over the hill, is it a pen? Is it a pen?!"(He than proceeded to pretend to stab Jake Sutcliffe's eye.
  • "Shut up!"
  • "So's your mum/face."(In a light hearted sense)
  • "Choppin' wood, choppin' wood, choppin' as we go. Cut out the bad, leave in the good, choppin' woood, choppin' woood, choppin' wood."(x∞)
  • "LOL."
  • "ZOMG! That's the 25th full stop Miss Magill has missed this lesson. She should receive a long sentence after that!"
  • "Oma nomz! Miss Carney said, 'Me and insert name here will help you', when it should be 'Insert name here and I will help you'. She should be knowsings thats because she be an Engrish tetcher."

Crown Green Bowling

William plays Crown Green Bowling on Saturdays. It is not in his list of hobbies because he only finds it "OK" and most people would think it is boring. Apparently he is very good, especially since he has only played this sport for one full season. Apparently he has already beaten experienced junior players at county level.


William comes to school without a thought towards his hair. He never adjusts it before leaving the house for school, he just leaves it similar to how it was upon his waking from dream land.

Dream Land

Apparently, William has no option but to think that all things in his dreams and nightmares are really happening and are logical, such as alien cats raiding the fridge and getting turned in for under age driving (just some examples of his unusual bedtime thoughts). He has claimed to have seen things in dreams that happen sometime later, although he can't remember any of these sorts of dreams until they have happened in real life and they come back to him. This happening is referred to as Déjà vu, not to be confused with Dave Ja Vu (the name give to the television channel, Dave +1).


William is a Pokémon fan, he used to bring his DS and Action Replay to play them or give Pokémon. He is considered an expert at it because he uses his Action Replay alongside his computer to create invincible Pokémon.


  • Will
  • Willybum
  • Wilhelm
  • Poké Master
  • George's brother


Relatives In School

George Platt, William's brother in 06N.