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Miss Carney,(nicknamed Miss Carnage) arrived in 2008 to join the eccentric but loveable English Department.

Although her younger classes may not appreciate her brilliance, she is loved and revered by all members of her upper sixth English Literature who find her teaching to be insightful and, on occasion, somewhat humourous. She is the ex-head of the now dead creative writing club that soon crashed and burned after Miss Carney supposedly "didn't have enough time to run it any more". Also, if you catch Miss Carney on a good day, you may just be able to persuade her to allow you to listen to iPods in lessons, one of the few teachers that does. Also has an obsession with wearing "Topshop" items of clothing.

Her first impression is generally better than overall.

It was the 1st of April and 7N were having a fun english lesson doing plays when Miss Carney took Elliots paper crown and put it on.... What a sight ! She then started to dance like doing the face and tumbling her hands like a barrel and bending forwards and backwards ! If a teacher would have walked in it would have been a sight!


  • "Good Morning, Year 7!" (when it is afternoon)
  • Carney: "good work class, enjoy your lunch break!"

Student: "miss it's home time"

  • "Use a font like Times New Roman, or Calibri. Not Comic Sans MS. I hate that font!"
  • "It's in Comic Sans MS, because I made it a few years ago."

(when walking past a bunch of Year 10s) "Excuse me excuse me! You know kids, I've been eating a lot of chocolate recently, I can't get through that tiny gap!"