Josh Southern

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Form: 08B

Gender: Male


He and Bradley Kett-Harrison are 'bosom buddies' (or best friends if you like). Josh hates PE, Geography, RS and his favourite subject is History, mainly because most lessons are just watching videos for an hour. He also plays the guitar. Josh likes to complain, ask for food and he eats during almost every lesson.

Josh is known for his obsessions with 'The Simpsons', 'Family Guy' and bad breath(bad breath isn't one of the obsessions). In an English lesson, 08B made their own groups and brainstormed to come up with a product and present it to the rest of the class. Josh came up with 'Wacky Waving Inflatable Armed Tubemen'. This is a product from 'Family Guy', he even used the same name and pictures from 'Family Guy'.

He and several others annoyed the teachers on the return journey from the 2009 Paris trip after they all bought 'Farty Putty' in the Hypermart.


  • "I don't care!"
  • "Choppin' wood, choppin' wood, choppin' as we go."(x ∞)

Skiving Off School

Josh was known for going to the nurse, practically everyday in years 7 and 8, in the attempt that he would be sent home or miss a lesson. He used to miss around a third of all school days, but since the start of year 9 it has only been close to a sixth of a school day. He still comes late nearly evry two days.


Josh is a pokémon fan, he sometimes brings his DS to play it with Bradley Kett-Harrison. He borrows either Bradley's or William Platt's Action Replay to cheat at his DS games.


  • Josher (Originating from what Mr Gray calls him)
  • Joshua