Bradley Kett-Harrison

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Form: 08B

Gender: Male

He and Josh Southern are 'bosom buddies' (or best friends if you like). Bradley always seems friendly but sleepy and generally he has a more passive personality, rather than assertive or agressive. His other friends are mostly girls, apart from Josh.

He also has an unfortunate habit of falling flat on his back in the middle of two-minute silences. Bradley once fainted in assembly. It was thought that someone had thrown a nut at him (he is very allergic to nuts). He did the same in a special assembly (and this was with a one minute silence instead of two, because Mrs Taylor says people get wobbly after two minutes and that we should all stand with our feet apart) commemerating the world wars and the soldiers that died. In a dead faint, he started to fall slowly towards the ground. Several of his friends made a grab for him, but missed completely and he dropped with a thud, to the giggles and horrified expressions of the rest of his form. He had to visit the nurse several times that day. A few seconds after his passing out in the special assembly, Ambrose Young copied him in hope for a similar reaction. Both times he has fainted, Mrs Chapman has helped him back onto his feet. In the special assembly, Brad told George Scrivens that he felt he might faint and George brought Mrs. Chapman over. George nudged Brad to see what would happen and Bradley fell backwards and began gasping on the floor.


  • "You can't give a women the lower ground."
  • "Yap like a monkey."
  • "..."
  • "What?" (Brad apparently only hears the last two words of a sentence)
  • "All I heard was 'nipple' and 'I'll give you it tomorrow'."
  • "LOL."

Anime & Manga

Bradley loves anime and manga, if he could he would marry it. (no really)

Brad Hair Day

Brad's hair is out of control, to say the least. Simply putting a brush through it causes immense pain, and that can be used as a torture method. He is often reffered to as a Mushroom, and was given a Toad (from Mario) doll by Lauren Johnson for his last birthday/2010 Xmas. Members of his form call the term 'Bad Hair Day', 'Brad Hair Day' for this very reason.


  • Brad
  • Bradlet
  • Mad Brad
  • Ketters
  • Aunty Bradlet
  • Mushroom