Ambrose Young

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Name: Ambrose Young

Form: 08B

Age: 13

Ambrose is constantly getting into fights, mostly with Elliot Irving. Recently he has been at war with Ben Pointon. He brings his iPod into school every day to play on it.

Ambrose once went onto the form room roof(Rooms 57 and 58, Maths block)to rescue a popped football by climimg onto a railing, then the top of the door and finally up onto the roof. Elliot Irving then closed the door so Ambrose couldn't get down and Ambrose was caught by two teachers and was told to wait up there until the caretaker came with a ladder to get him down. Ambrose also once got a black eye off Fern Wilkinson-Cowgill. However, he was too embarassed to go home and admit he got owned by a girl, so he told his mum that he had fallen over a bag.

He saw Bradley Kett-Harrison fall over and decided to copy him for a similar reaction from the crowd. It is said he was pushed by Alex Jeffrey, but this is most likely false, but the people in his form like using him as a scapegoat. Ambrose had to visit the nurse several times that day and went green. It did turn to its usual red after a scrum at lunchtime though.

He also managed to pull off a 'textbook' faint during the 2010 Rememberance Survey, by swaying in pretty much every direction before falling flat on his face and almost being sat on by Ben Snaith. It is rumoured that either Alex Jeffrey or Ellen Smithies pushed/nudged him so he fell, though no-one can really prove it was either of them.

He also reckons he's incredibly awesome, even though he isn't. He also denies nearly everything and throws a hissy fit whenever someone says something bad about him.