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Mr Gray - Factfile
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Subject(s) -

Technology and P.E.


Duke of Edinburgh, Orienteering

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General Behaviour

Mr. Gray is a Scottish Technology and PE teacher who is unable to have conversation with a student lasting any less than 15 minutes, though he is somehow able to make any conversation no matter what the subject last the whole of break, much to the frustration of D of E participants.

I think he would make more money if he launched a television series called 'Top of the Scotts', rather than being a technology and PE teacher.

Mr. Gray also says Chop chop when using scissors and often disappears down the corridor during lessons. He usualy spends more of the lesson out than in, and when a pupil asks for something like paper he disapears, turns up half an hour later with nothing, and when you ask him again he just disapears again.

Mr. "I like Orienteering" Gray is a Technology teacher with a more than slight interest in his orienteering... He seems to have an interest in Paul Burdekin which he diguises with orienteering talks.

Mr. Gray has a reputation for not being able to finish a sentance without saying um at least twice. He spends massive amounts of time explaining how to use equipment, and always re-explains every lesson.

He converted to Judaism a long time ago, supposedly so he could marry a Jewish woman, although he still regularly mentions the Bible in his frequent assemblies.


  • "Um, Um, well done for um, Orienteering um, young lad"
  • "Chop Chop"
  • [Whilst covering and trying to teach a Food Tech lesson]
  • Mr Gray: " just put your buns in the oven.."

Whole class: "Sir.. that's the washing machine!"

  • Also whilst demonstrating the correct procedure from making scones, just for giggles, the sugar was substituted for salt by one enterprising pupil.
  • To the 9S 2005/06 when covering registration for Mr Parkinson:
  • [Mr gray] Elliot

[Elliot] Sir

[Mr gray] Elliot?

[Elliot] Yes sir!

[Mr gray] Is there no Elliot here?

[Elliot] YES SIR!!!!

[Mr gray] Oh

  • Mr Gray: (Piece of solder hits back of head thrown by Michael Rend) "MICHAEL"

Michael: "It wasn't me" (Points to Emma Wilson)

Mr Gray: "EMMA!"

Mr Gray: Paper doesn't grow on trees you know!!

  • Mr Gray: What are you all doing over there? Blowing each other? I know it's nice to blow each other but please don't in my lesson! (pupils spread out and giggle).

Mr Gray: That's better, now you're not blowing each other you can pay attention to what I was saying. (no one pays attention as they are in a fit of laughter!!)

In a DofE First Aid session "Next week we will be doing CPR or as i like to call it "pumpy, pumpy , blow blow"

  • "I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"


Has been known to spend all of the lunch break trying to start his car.

For the past two years now, Mr. Gray has held a New Year assembly and tried to rouse us all into holding hands and singing Auld Lang Syne. Though not everyone seemed as enthusiastic this year, Mr Reeves and Mr Ventress certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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Mr. Gray as a pirate