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The 7S of 2010/2011
They are a great form - they even have their own website and email! However, it should be noted that 09G did this first, as part of the school Young Apprentice competition they took part in, but it should also be remembered that 010S did it not for a competition, but just out of the will of the form!
They are the current 8S (2011/2012)

Form Tutors

Year 7 - Mr Chambers
Year 8 - Mr Ventress

Form Rooms

One thing this form can't stand is their change of form room, they've changed from Room 28, a good one, to Room 63, which was not so good. But coincidentally, they are both IT rooms. 7S then moved back to their previous form room, Room 28. Now the Year 11s have gone, 7S have once again moved, this time to Room 31. And guess what, they're now in Year 8 with what form room? - Room 31 again!

People in the Class

Ex-members of 010S

The Mrs Young Incident

7S were in their form room (Room 28) as an assembly was going on. 7S were so loud that the head teacher - Mr Morris sent Mrs Young to come in and tell them off. In the form room, Mrs Young said:

"I have your card marked! Room 28 - 7N!"

Everne started smirking subtly, but only Thomas Gallagher was caught, which was funny.

Form/Vice Captains

Year 7 - Bethanne Jones and Vice - George Tanner
Year 8 - Thomas Gallagher and Kate Brown and Vice - Callum Langford and Francesca Mills