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Mr Chambers is a Chemistry and IT teacher who came to BRGS in 2007. He likes to put Gary Holt in the bin which he sometimes carries round with him in case he sees Gary. His first class was 06N and he taught two of their three lessons a week. He then stayed on as a full-time teacher and taught them next year, as well as becoming their form tutor.


Mr Chambers has a lovely purple coat and a green scarf than he can often be seen wearing after school. It is rumoured that he is involved in environmental work, but no one seems to have actually seen him taking part in this, so it is possible he simply wanders around BRGS after school to show off his fashionable clothes. Is it me or does he wear a new tie every day ?

Head of Year?

It has now been confirmed that he is taking over from Mrs Kolbuck as Year 10's (2006 intake) head of year when she goes on maternity leave.

He was 7S's (2010-2011 intake's) form tutor because they are indeed 7 Super (unlike like 7 Naughty, 7 Rude, 7 Gross and 7 Bums).