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Head of the Geography department.


He is short, and many say that he looks like the BRGS squirrel Mascot, Maurice. (Unfortunately incorrect. He actually is said to resemble a chipmunk. Close, though.)

Head of Geography

De Facto head of the Geography department (Dr Edwards is a deputy head, Mrs Young is a Head of Year, and Mrs Helm and Doc Rob have retired), Mr Spencer is continuing in the same tree-hating way as Mrs Helm by giving an average of 3.4 photocopied sheets per lesson. He is though rather good at what he teaches.

The Torch

Mr Spencer often threaten people with penalty points, however, he never gives them out. Also, he is also fond (and I mean fond) of his little green torch. He went absaloutely ballistic and starting jumping up and down, having the rant of his life when the batteries ran out.


  • "Right, so" *clap*
  • "Does that make sense?"
  • "I'll wait"
  • "The hills are hummocky"
  • (in funny voices) "Big Clint, Little Gryke!"
  • (While Melissa Hall has her leg trapped in a gryke on a Geography excursion) "Ooh ooh! This'll make a good one! (takes Photograph) He he!"
  • (While some year 7s were waiting outside for their P.E. teacher to turn up outside.) BE QUIET! You're disturbing my lesson. This is NOT a playground... It's a school playground.

(so predictable that two - extreeemely cool -members of 7S of 2002-03 could mime along)"good mornin evreybody, sit yourselves down")

"no i don't like the boobahs... have you ever seen blue cow? blue cow is WELL GOOD"

(After being found crouched on the floor in the cupboard in room 96) "We're looking for the bin." (We're? WTF?)

"we're going to be doing a sheet that looks something like this....."

said after "we're going to be doing a sheet that looks something like this.....""in fact, we're going to do a sheet that looks exactly like this"

"Who needs scissors and glue?"

"I'll give you a brief introduction" (proceeds to give a long, detailed, 4 page essay dictation on the specific subject, all from his considerably developed geographical brain)

"Hi!" (in either a really high or really low voice)

On Teapots

Was, during his student days at BRGS, made to stand on his chair and sing "I'm a Little Teapot" by a certain teacher who was (and possibly is) still working at the infamous grammar-school-on-a-hill. Congratulations to the genius who came up with that punishment, probably Biology teacher Mr Morriss, who inflicts the punishment if you don't understand natural selction.