Upper Common Room

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This has now been replaced by the Super Common Room.

The Upper Common Room was built directly above the Lower Common Room as a metaphor for the nature of adolescence, or so claims the architect. The distinguishing feature of this common room, aside from the two pool tables and canteen, was the lack of anyone that might be characterised by its denizens as 'dirty moshers'. The upper common room was generally found to be home to the more mainstream of BRGS students or those simply seeking some lunch. The music was provided by the MTV channel so no arguments can occur.

Are you in the Upper Common Room? A self-help guide for the confused

  • Is the temperature approaching 30 degrees C due to the density of people?
  • Is there an unpleasant smell of tuna bake emanating from a canteen?
  • Have you just tried to exit, but been thwarted by a locked door?
  • Has the same song been played 3 times since you arrived, interspersed by ringtone adverts?
  • Is a person wearing a Pantera hoodie wandering around looking vaguely disconcerted?

If you answered 'yes' to more than one of the above, you may very well be in the Upper Common Room. Go and get a biscuit while you're there, fattie. Don't forget a hot chocolate either. Delicious.