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Mr Overend
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Famous For:

Year 11 Leavers' Party & Bursts of Rage (!)


  • Also known as MC Spo-for his ability to rap.
  • Possibly the greatest man the world has ever known. That is all.
  • We came to the conclusion the 'P' in his initials 'SPO' stood for Poraig. Whereas his middle name is in fact Padraig, so not far off.
  • Mr. Overend gave our class memories we will never ever forget. For that he deserves much respect. Take it easy Overend.


After one of his roaring outbursts Mr O Yelled at us to 'STAY IN SILENCE WHILE I SORT SOMETHING OUT! I WANT IT TO BE SILENT WHEN I COME BACK!!!!!' At this point he stormed out leaving us in silence. A few seconds later a student got up and said in a very gay voice 'and I want silence when i come back.' Unfortunatley Mr O was just coming through the door and saw the unfortunate Pupil standing at then front of the class mimicking him and had another outburst of rage!

student "Sir, are you allowed to swear?"

  • Is Writing on the board and year 7 class is talking so much that they could probably be heard from waterfoot centre*
    *Mr O's eyes begin to pop out of his head*
    Class was learning about action words and Mr O was giving examples, when he actually looked as if he would burst he then shouted:

"for example, AND THEN HE BANGED THE WHITEBOARD" whilst slamming his fist against the board. pupil then says...."thats racist"
he just swears under his breath and continues with the lesson in a perfectly good mood.

You're all a bunch of spoiled bloody brats *Throws Jake Spall out of the Room*

Annie Mccloskey- Are you gay sir? Mr O- No no no Annie no no no

mr o *is reading a poem while a year 7 is talking*
*carries on reading while the year 7 doesnt realise mr o is staring at him*
mr o "...AND THEN HE SENT THE BOY TO SEE HIS HEAD OF YEAR" *picks up student, throws him across the room*
"now, then, who can explain what that means?"

  • student puts up hand*

student "Sir, are you allowed to manhandle children?!"

"Indians eh? Pillows you say...?" (Somehow this is related to The Crucible)

Sir: "We're going to watch a Harry Potter!"
Student: "Sir, is it Hairy Potter and the chamber of sex toys?"
Sir: "yes, yes, that one!"

'Stay with it now Emma.'

C'mon I want to hear the story'-in a very high pitched voice

Sir: ....Romeo is in absolute love for Juliet, he would do anything for her oh- Student: They're not real sir. Sir: Oh yes they are shut up, don't be stupid

"Ok Ok, I'm not here, I'm on Mars"

"Right, I've made a mental note of who's here" (everyone marked present even if absent)

"Right... All here" (to room with three people)

(Before tutorial) "You're leaving are you? No. Sit down, we're doing something this week. Oh....erm... off you go"

"You're on a beach with the sun beating down. Not too hot, mind. Just nice and comfortable."

"There are several references to...yes'

'yes, okay right 2+2=789 okay now sats stay, goodbye, yes cherio homework.'

"Hmm... yes... right... OK..."

(Somebody throws a ruler)"Opps, someone's dropped their ruler"

(When watching film)"THat's a nice point to make"

"Bone away now." (Strange mispronunciation of 'phone')

Student: "Sir, say something funny!"
Mr Overend: (With chav-esque 'innit' hand gesture) "Ho ho ho! sick, man!"

"OK, Susan... are those the words of Harper Lee? I think not."

Talking of taboo language: "F**k is no more a swear-word than, say, chair." Then added, "it's just how we associate words with certain things." [and, to be honest, many people would agree with him]

(To horrified pupil after getting a bit too into one of his lessons) Oh I'm sorry...I appear to spitting all over you!

"Take it eeeeeeasy!"

"You will not make me mad!" (Whilst staring, with a vein popping out of his head, and counting to ten)

"A rose by any other name... so if Icalled a rose a... a..... BOLGERJUJADA!!" (whole class jumps to attention, worried that sir is having a seizure)

"Emma Bosher, stop looking at that plant!"

"What do you think you're doing? Making bloody gestures behind my back... I'm trying to teach a lesson... GET ON WITH YOUR WORK!"

"OK so for Thursday yeah yeah...."
"Sir we don't have you on Thursday"
"Yeah OK then so for Thursday's lesson"
"Sir we don't have you... can we hand it in on Friday?"
"OK yeah so Thursday it is."

(Mr O pops his head round door of computer room into the Library)
Mr O: "Right yeah so we're getting on with our course work yeah?"
Student: "Yeah!" (Whilst playing Scrabble or other such games)
Mr O: "Ok that's fantastic. So we're getting on with our coursework yeah!"

Student: "Sir ,how do we know that Romeo and Juliet are in love?" Mr O: "They've just had sexual intercourse" Student: "What's that?" Mr O: "Oh come ON now"

"He suffered a terrible suffering"

Mr O: ok get into groups of 5 or 6 oh that groups got 4 you (ignoring 2 volunteers to move) go work with them Student: but sir.. Mr O: no go work with them Student: no ill throw a hissy fit (sits in corner and sulks) Mr O goes back to desk 5 minutes later.. Mr O


Class goes quiet for 10 seconds then immeditatly starts tallking again Mr O: I mean it penalty points!!! Then goes back to his desk whilst we play Jenga with our wood tec blocks and other well known games

  • To a very stunned back row "I'LL SUE YOU ALL!!" It is debatable wether he knows that you cant sue in this country or if he was just caught up in the heat of the moment.
  • During Hermia's speech of virginity in a 'Midsummer nights dream', a student piped up:

"Sir what does virginity mean?"

Mr O: "Well it means you haven't had sex."

Pupil: Are you a Virgin sir?"

  • "Really engage with the text now."
  • "We're looking for really good evocative language here. We want to produce a really good piece of creative writing here folks."

Things that Mr Overend has done

After we put on my video of Hot Shots in Room 10 while he wasn't looking, the sound came on ridiculously loudly in the class, but not on the white board screen, as the projector wasn't switched on. This caused him to think that one of us was emitting this loud noise about not copying videos, and marched round the room putting his ear next to all of us at the back.

Then, (as trailers for other films started to play), he realised that it was coming from the speakers at the front, and tried to force the DVD player (that wasn't even switched on) open. He then asked for assistance, at which point we denied blankly even being able to hear anything. 5 minutes of searching later, he finally found the source of the noise amongst all of us, and switched it off, saying, "very funny, very funny, well done you got me there..." (he had grown used to this sort of behaviour having had it for 2 years).

Ziggy stole the remote control to the projector in T5, and spent the entire lesson zooming in on the screen and Mr Overend had no idea which of the 15 of us had it.

We found some red ink in the cupboard, (probably during one of the times where we'd hide in the closet until half way through the lessons and then jumping out saying that we had been dueling with Voldemort), and i put loads of the red ink on a tissue and then (clutching them to my face), as Overend entered, ran out yelling that i had been punched in the face and i needed to go wash my nose. 10 easy minutes out of English.

Overend eventually started to take a bit of control after we'd ran out of scripted lines...and begins on a 10 minute explanation about how international the class is and how we should all get on despite our differences!!!!This is where we made the discovery that he is Northern rather than Southern Irish, and used that in future weeks in more distractions.

Mr. Overend has thrown an MP3 player across Room 10, after countless times of music suddenly blaring out from Sheepy's phone, and after having already confiscated the MP3 off me, and after I had stood up and calling him gay, to which he replied,

In 08R's English lesson, people were repeatedly playing inappropiate music from phones. Eventually he lost it, grabbed the phone off Kieran, threw it across the room and kicked it against the wall, smashing the screen.

In the final English lesson of Year 11 (97 intake), we bought him a 4 pack of Guinness. Mr. Grehan wandered in and said,
"Kevin, can I, erm, drink one?". With the inevitable answer being no, as soon as Kev left, out comes a can, "I'll drink one because I want one".

Mr. Overend has avoided many questions, most likely because he cannot answer them. For example, if you were to ask how the writer's language influences the reader, he would go on to tell you how intelligent and sophisticated the language is, but not how it influences the reader.

Further things he has done

Whilst having the projector on, a student (from the class from hell 05-06, as mentioned above) typed in 'wanker' on the username so the whole class started laughing. Mr. O turned around just as the person was trying to delete it...not surprisingly, he wasnt too pleased, yet took the accusation quite well by going red in the face and screaming "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME!!!!".

A different student from the same class, being quite bored with whatever task had been set, realised how Mr O's name rhymed with other words, and started saying 'Bend Overend, bend Overend haha..', to which Mr O came over, and quietly began to talk to her, before getting exceedingly angry; "I won't have my name being made fun of from people like YOU!" *scrunched up paper that student had absent-mindedly been shredding, and thres it at her.

Whilst sitting in a silent class, a student waved to her friend across the room. Overend saw red: "STOP MAKING STUPID HAND GESTURES ACROSS THE ROOM THAT NOBODY UNDERSTANDS!!!!!".

Things that Mr Overend has had to put up with

  • Sheepy rolling up cigs during the lesson.
  • Sheepy continually playing Ring of Fire and Freestyler on his phone during the lessons.
  • Salman listening to his mp3 player every lesson. Earning the nickname, DJ Salman.
  • Quinny putting forward the suggestion that the main character in every book or poem was in fact, homosexual. To which a few positive responses actually came back.
  • Quinny also trash talking Americans in every single exam paper, or writing Overend related stories.
  • Our class deciding it will be fun to pretend we are all wizards and casting spells at each other, and being 10 minutes late to lessons, following Overend up and down the hill looking for us then blaming it all on Voldemort.
  • Dom running round the class room jumping over chairs and "KAW KAW"ing whilst wearing a large black coat. Taken the mick out of Edgar Allen Poe's Raven.
  • Continual misquoting from any books/poems read....from anyone. "QUOTH THE RAVEN", " 124" "People ain't people.....they're robots..."
  • Peter Read. Just.....yeah. He actually did no work. Ever.
  • Having to put up with being Mad-Eye Overend in Quinny's story.
  •, which just screamed really really loudly when you went on it. We ALL clicked on it once. What a racket.
  • People leaving class for fake Music Lessons and injuries.

The [Almost as] Legendary Leavers Day Party

In the last English lesson of the year for the 05-06 Yr. 11 set, Mr. Overend threw a huge party. This involved loud music, dancing, crowd surfing, and Mr. Overend beaming.

The party, which far surpassed any others going on (such as Mr. Grehans in room 34), was gate-crashed by the majority of Year 11, with even Mr Haycocks' group ditching their sub, Mrs Blow, and joining in the fun.

Oh what a day!

Scrapes with the law

Being of Irish descent, its fair to say Mr. O likes a few jars. Do the research, free press is a good place to start.