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Mrs Blow is one of the many MFL teachers at BRGS, specialising in French and Spanish, the latter of which she also teaches at A-Level. She likes to think it is her business to tell people which decisions are right and wrong in their school and personal lives. As a result, she is not necessarily one of the best liked teachers at BRGS.


In the past, she has been known to be strict with her punishments. For example, She once gave a class of Year 8s detention and three hours of homework because they failed to report that their teacher was late by 15 minutes. She also gave a Year 9 pupil a headmaster's detention for chasing somebody with a water bottle that was not even open.

In 2005, she went on a rampage of detentions, putting two Year 7s in detention for leaning against the fence at the courts, with a third being given a detention for protesting the innocence of the other two. In that same break, she gave three Year 8s detention for running in the woodland garden. She was quoted as saying "How would you like it if someone ran in your garden!".

Other Punishments

When the Skippers were attempting to stretch a large elastic band as far as possible, Mrs. Blow was the one who confiscated it, even though the day before, Mr Morris and various other teachers had watched the madness without a care. Mr Williamson was actively encouraging the skippers to stretch it further. In the end it reached from the T-rooms past the skip, or the other way from the skip to the bottom of Glen Road.

One lunchtime in Room 94, which becomes an eating room at this time, she waited for the room (which she had just tought a lesson in) to fill up. Once it was pretty much full (after about 5 minutes), she told everyone that she hadn't said that they could come in and sent them all back outside, before letting them enter again. Seemingly, she had done this just to be awkward. Also rumoured to have been eaten by Mr Elmer's canine companion.

During a Spanish lesson in a computer room, she went on to tell a Year 8 class her rules for computer rooms. The very first one being "no drinking allowed". A student then asked if he could have a drink and she then proceeded to let him drink, whilst doing so he spilt his drink on the mouse, and she then gave him an after school detention whilst shouting that she told him not to drink in a computer room.

In 08B' first Spanish lesson, she spoke in Spanish thoughout the lesson - she allegedly only spoke one word of English in the entire hour! By the end of that lesson, only half the class had learnt anything, and that was 'me means I' at most. When the same class later had Miss Spokes as a substitute, quite a few of the students in 08B said they learnt more in one lesson from Miss. Spokes than a term from Mrs. Blow. Some of those students even told Mrs Taylor that Mrs Blow wasn't fit to be a teacher and that they wanted Miss Spokes. Some of those students to this day think that Miss. Spokes taught them more in one lesson than Mrs. Blow in one year.

During a French lesson in Year 8 she gave the whole class a lecture about going to the toilet in lessons. This took up half of the lesson before she told the girl who had asked to go to the toilet that she could go. Despite just telling the class that nobody would be going to toilet in her lessons again. Yes guys, Mrs. Blow has a problem with letting people go to the toilet.


  • "If you can't see that, you need glasses."
  • On a Year 8 Germany trip, she told some girls, who had been standing in a corridor talking while everyone else was messing about or misbehaving: "WE ARE CIVILISED BEANS! YOU DON'T SEE ME RUNNING AROUND SCREECHING!" (at this point she was shouting herself).