Year 9 Option Choices

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Are they options? Are they choices? No, they're option choices (official name used by teachers)! In January Year 9s have to drop some subjects and take the others further, for GCSE in most cases. Some people choose the same options as their friends in order to be in the same classes as them. This is a mistake, as it rarely works, and people who have picked the exact same options often find themselves sharing perhaps one class at the most, whereas people who pick completely different options may find themselves in all their compulsory classes together.


These are the subjects which everyone must take:

Option 1 - Languages

You have to choose one of the languages you are studying for this option. If you want to do two languages, don't worry, you will have the choice the other language in options 3 and 4.

Option 2 - Humanities

In this option you can choose a "Humanity", Obviously! Again, if you want both you can choose the other in options 3 and 4.

Option 3 - Free Choice

These choices are what some people would consider to be the more "fun" subjects. They usually have smaller sets with not as many classes. Students can choose one from:

Option 4 - Free Choice

This is the similar to option 3.


  • Maths Plus will earn you an FSMQR (qualification between GCSEs and A-Levels worth 20 UCAS points) in addition to the compulsary GCSE. Computing Plus students will finish their IT GCSE in Year 10 and focus on the AS qualification in Year 11.

You can only choose one of the Plus subjects.

Option 5 - Critical Thinking

This is an AS level which will be done after school during Year 10. Yes or no, Simple!