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Electronics is a subject that is taught as part of the Technology curriculum. It is usually taught by Mr Fitton.


  • Year 7 - Year 7's will often begin by making a LED display badge that lights up and flashes. This teaches basic knowlage of some electronic componants, theory's and practical work of making the badge(Polarity, soldering). The project also includes a graphical element where the pupil has to design the front of the badge.
  • Year 8/9 - Years 8 and 9 advance on the original knowledge learned in making your badge. This project is based on making a "Cyber Pet". Pupils design and make a case, write their own program to customise what their "Cyber Pet" does and assemble the circuitry required to make it work. Often there is not enough time to finish because you waste 3 weeks of work on a Holocaust project.


Electronic Products was offered again at GCSE level, after several years of students being told that Electronics was no longer a possibility when Year 9 (2008 intake) students chose their options in 2011. A survey had been carried out to see how many people intended to do a Technology without Electronics being an option, before finding students views if they could do it. There were suffice numbers of students saying they would consider it to justify being a GCSE option.

Electronics Room