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Resistant Materials practical lessons always take place in the room at the bottom of the stairs to the belfry, Room 60. These lessons teach you how to measure, cut and stick wood/plastic/metal to make something useful (like a CD rack) which doesn't fall apart in a week. The GCSE coursework also has an element of Graphics and drawing with black pens...

As rooms 60 and 61 are joined together and you are allowed to go from one to the other mid-lesson - and the teachers never go in there except to tell you to pack away - a rather amusing past-time has emerged in there. Students who have either finished their practical work, or can't be bothered with it today congregate in there. Once sure no teachers are nearby wooden CAM wheels are found and placed strategically in a vice so that the vice just grips the edge. The vices are then tightened until the wheels shoot out with a surprising amount of power. This eventually led to someone volunteering to stand and be shot at with them. The first time he was hit in the back and almost fell over in pain. The second shot almost knocked off his testicles.

You get to use all the woodworking tools unless the teacher is out of the room. This tends to mean that after school lessons are required to finish whatever it is you are making...

Taught by Mr Fitton and Mr Edwards amongst others such as Mr Gray.