Food Technology

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Taught by Mrs Jackson and Mr Fitton, Food Tech is a guaranteed A* at GCSE, despite needing a mark of 95% to reach this level. The practicals are great fun if you love cooking, seems how they are essentially cooking. Mocking the more incompetent members of the class, including those who can't make beans on toast, is also a fun past time. In this subject you have stools, like in the Science labs, not chairs. During practicals you have to stack your stool on top of many others in the corner of the room and wear an apron instead of a blazer. You are encouraged to bring your own apron, but there are at least 15 in Room 40.

Classes at GCSE seem to be 90% female, but don't let that put you off, it's a laugh! The only problems are buying and bringing the ingredients, finding a recipe on what is needed and how to make it and if you don't mind cleaning up after the previous class you'll thoroughly enjoy it.

Practicals only take place in Room 40, due to Room 40 being the only room with cooking equipment.