Daniel Smith

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Daniel Smith is the king of the 'worse-than-Rob-Pilling-standard jokes.' Seems to enjoying graffiting Jonny Parton's book with male genitalia.

The discoverer of Mr Wyton's middle name. Known to have once translated 'Nellie the Elephant' into German to annoy Mr Wyton.

With the aid of Steven Albertson in Biology lessons annoys Adam Pilkington with the constant reminding of wrong answers Adam has given in the past. While Adam Pilkington is answering questions it is costomary for Daniel Smith and Steven Albertson to repeat constantly the word "Anaphase" or "cerebrum" into his ear in order to put him off ... it never fails to amuse.


  • "Two's a cloud." (In reference to the two electrons in a Pi bond, aka Pi cloud.)
  • "Yer mum." (A general comeback applicable to many situations in place of a geniunely clever retort, although it has died out in recent times.)
  • "Anaphase" (to Adam Pilkington)
  • "(Laughs)... No" (followed by the pulling of a deadly serious face to create the idea that he is deeply unimpressed with that at which he has been laughing, this facial expression is held with varying degrees of success as it is becoming increaseingly difficult for him to keep a striaght face in such situations)