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Steven is currently studying Biology, English Literature, Chemisrty, Mathematics, Critical Thinking and (if you can study for this) General studies. Originally from New Zealand people often comment on his New Zealand accent (which becomes stronger when talking about it) although he denies it is that strong. On occasion is known to slur his words whilst speaking when finding himself a little tongue tied (much to his annoyment (sic)) but generally attempts to speak with correct English (and more specifically correct Grammar). Starting out a BRGS he was generally quite shy and even now isn't too sure of himself around people he doesn't know but tries to get along with anyone he meets (however much it may annoy them).


  • Correcting people's Grammar (although due to popular demand not as much as he used to).
  • Getting easily annoyed with computers and, quite commonly, uttering the odd swear word at them through gritted teeth.
  • Slouching.


Main Friends include:

(feel friend to add any further names if you so wish)


  • "Hello There..."
  • "Aaarrrggghhh!"
  • [to computers in general] "(insert whispered swear word here), Try Working"
  • "Anaphase (To Adam Pilkington)
  • (Biology DVD: "Skin is the largest organ of the human body" Steven looks down, looks up and responds): "Oh, I don't think so..."