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She was born in the lovely West Yorkshire town of Halifax on the 16th March 1990. In her early years she attended St Joseph's RC Primary School. This is where she met Ashleigh Jones and Laura Stephenson However, Jodie only came to BRGS in Year 12. She came from an all girls school and currently she is studying History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and the pointless (but compulsory) subject of Critical Thinking.


Jodie is known for her weirdness - Ben Cooney thinks she is insane! She will have random outbursts were she will be absolutely mental and just go singing or screaming. She believes that everyone should be hugged and can be found swanning round the Lower Common Room just chatting and socialising. BEWARE: if she gets any sugar (it can even happen with sprite) she goes loony, she even appears drunk somehow.

Jodie Kane: Behind The Spaz

Jodie is one of the friendliest people that you will meet in the Lower Common Room. On any own clothes day she will always turn up in a hoody and her favourite "fake" converse. She is only small (5" tall) but she has a voice that can be heard from miles away, and if you say something wrong she'll make sure you apologise. She is always up for a laugh and once she has started she won't stop until she is on the floor with laughter.

Common Quotes

You love me really. The sugar Made me do it. Where's my mobile?


Her friends include a range of people, for example:

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Jodie is an ace friend and can be really funny - Adam Pilkington

Adam you missed the obvious comment. She is INSANE!!! - Ben Cooney (I Wasn't forced to edit this page at gunpoint..........honest)

She's not crazy... just a tad bit loony (in the best kind of way =]) - Hayley Kershaw