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This student will often show off his extremely large ego by trying to act smarter than anyone else (which to be honest often backfires). He is often seen with Tom Savage and although you may say they look alike they will reply at the same time "WE'RE NOT RELATED!!!". He goes by a few names, prefered ones are 'Pilkers', 'Ad's', and 'Pilky'. He is training to be a zoologist and knows more about animals than the pope knows about religion. Adam is studying Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths (God knows why!) and unfortunatly the most pointless subject of Critical Thinking.

Who Is Adam Pilkington

I can probably say quite a bit about Adam Pilkington, now as I have known him since his first few days at this wonderful college. The first thing he really said to me was " I'll give you a fiver if you drink that" (this was in a Chemistry lesson). Sadly I didn't do it and I could have had a fiver anyhow. Adam is also an expert gamer, he can play any console and complete a game (after smashing a few control pads to bits in stress). He will accept any challenge on a console but his prefered game types are FPS and fighting. He also makes CGI (computer animated) cartoons which he is trying to get onto the internet, but failing pretty much. Adam is also very stubborn in arguments and can argue a point for ages without backing down. Basically Adam is a great guy who everyone loves despite his massive ego (one day he won't be able to leave the common room because it won't fit through the doors). He is quite good at pool, however I'm not sure of his record. Adam can annoy people with his facts about animals but you eventually learn to switch off. We love him all the same.

Where can he be found?

Adam is often in the Lower common room playin pool and talking to his friend, these include: Dominic Lord, Tom Savage, Carl Andrews, Joseph Burrows, Lenny, Adam Cronan, Robert Pilling, Steven Albertson, Gareth Hughes, Alistair Mizon, Ben Cooney, James Heaton and many more. He is always up for a game of pool (just so long as he is reds!!!). If he isn't in the common room he will probably be found on the astroturf attempting to play football.

Biology Lessons

During the course of Biology lessens he shares with Danny Smith and Steven Albertson he is often led into and mocked for giving the wrong answer to questions in lesson. After two such memerable occasions of this, the word "Anaphase" and "Cerebrum" are now inreversibly linked to him and are uttered to him to put him off when answering any question. But of course it is all in good fun ... well ... for those that do it anyway. If not being subjected to this he is either working or, more likely, quoting various episodes of bothe Family Guy (tm) or The Simspons (tm).


Adam attended Hollins Technology College along with Tom Savage, Naomi Turner, and Anisha Arif. There he develpoed his ego. He was always one of the top in all of his classes, winning the maths and systems & controls trophies for his GCSE results. After leaving Hollins Adam went on to Blackburn college (where he stayed for two weeks and then left because it was so bad). He eventually came to BRGS to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Martin Pilkington (well not exactly).