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First and foremost: "BRGS - The Animated Series" is in no way related to Staff Wars.

In complete contrast it is the brain child of a brainy child, Lenny, and consists of badly drawn pictures, awful jokes, and static animatiom. However, the first of the series Rage Against The Machine has proven to be such a success that Lenny promises to make more animations.

Mrs Weir vs The Photocopiers in "rage against the machine"

The first animation of [hopefully] many, "rage against the machine" (yes, it is officially called "rage against the machine" in lower case. No CAPS for this, ho no), pits amiable Chemistry teacher Mrs Weir against the evil that is the Horde of Photocopiers.

In 3 minutes of colourful scribble Lenny portrays a battle to the death in which only one opponent can walk away.

The animation (details of which can be found here, here, and [here]) has been met with a plentitude of laughs as the story unfolds itself on computer monitors across the district. In only a week since it's official launch, Lenny has been commissioned to create more animations (including Mrs Weir vs. The Photocopiers: Round II).

Mr Ashton in "as of yet untitled"

Lenny's newest animation is in the works. And this time it will feature everyone's other favourite Chemistry teacher, Mr Ashton. A recent leak has left people with a few clues about the upcoming animation - it will show Mr Ashton in Rm 1 dealing with a class of miscreants. Also there has been hints of a cameo apperance from Mrs Weir in some sort of short comic parody of a well known 'old school' game.

No more has been said, but it is expected that Lenny will be making this animation over the next weekend (2nd and 3rd of December 2006).

Other animations in the works

Rather than quit whilst everyone is occupiedwith the animation and slink off into the darkness like a murderer into an unseen alley, Lenny has taken all the praise from amazed watchers like a champ, and promised to create at least one more animation.

It is said that he hopes to create at least one for each of his teachers, with maybe two or three appearing before the school year is out:

The Website

As always, Lenny is busy building a brand new website - except his newest creation has a useful side to it; it is going to be the Official Website for "BRGS - The Animated Series".

He promises that he will include a form for students, past students, and teacher to submit little bits of story or small tales of teachers that can act as fodder for his animations.