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Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Hailing from outside of Rossendale, Michael Harmstone has graced BRGS with his presence since September 2004, first being in 04S, Then 12HJB, and finally 13SEF, and therefore in Year 13. He has an unnatural habit of making games on Flash, including his four mouse mazes, the first of which was produced when he was way ahead in Mrs Sharp's IT Lessons in Year 9.

Year 9 Camp

Michael was quite a busy bunny when it came to Year 9 Camp 2007. He (with the help of Stephen Fletcher) organised the Form magazine (Ecstasy) and also (with only 5 days to go) took control of the Talent show music. The results were as follows:

  • Magazine - 2nd to G
  • Talent Show - 4th to B, G & R.

Year 10 onwards

Michael chose the following for GCSE:

And, in Sixth Form, chose:


  • "Come on Jacques, Let's play Boggle for 10p!" [When we weren't allowed to bring in cards to the library because 'people might be tempted to play for money']
  • High Five, [Insert name here]!
  • This is my believing you face...
  • BONK!
  • I'll break your tooth with....A DICTIONARY!