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Economics is a subject taught in the Sixth Form, spearheaded by Mr R Jackson, with help from Miss Freeth. It is primarily about one thing - money, and is split into Microeconomics (units 1 & 3) and Macroeconomics (units 2 & 4). Being one of Mr Jackson's two subjects, you can expect to have the mickey taken out of you almost every lesson, as well as doing a ridiculous amount of notes. Also, following exams, Mr Jackson WILL go through everyone's individual (down to the question) results in-front of the class, as motivation for actually trying to do well in the exam so he has very little to take the mick out of.


If you choose to study it in Lower Sixth, you can expect approximately six Mr Jackson and three Miss Freeth lessons a fortnight, with one free. By Year 13, this becomes seven Jackson and three Freeth lessons a fortnight.

Mr Jackson

Mr Jackson's lessons will be spent making ridiculous amounts of notes for the ten minutes of the lesson that he does not spend insulting you. His notes tend to be much more detailed than Miss Freeth's, with less of a business-orientated emphasis, barring Unit 3, which is the cross-over between Business Studies and Economics.

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