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Miss. Cadd is an extremely hyper child in Maths and Technology, where she loves to wind people up about there friends' hairstyles, namely James Mitchell's! She is loved for her stories that amuse us muchly! Apparently, she invented biroman an furballs! She is also the inventer of The book and decided to burger off to Scotland for a while - who knows when she'll come back...if she ever does...

Year 9 Camp 2007

When on a boat raft with Michael, Nicole and Natalie at Year 9 Camp 2007, they rowed past the field of cows...With hunger setting in and food becoming the topic of conversation, Jess noticed a cow sitting down and said, "Wouldn't it be great to cr*p and eat at the same time?" Later that day, once she and Natalie had finally scrounged the salted nuts off Mrs Greggy, they began to yell to the cows and the scrawny dog in the corner..."They're not cows, all I see is walking beef burgers and handbags."

When chasing the scrawny dog... "Come here steak, here steaky steaky."

When it comes to Michael... Jess and Hannah Potts decided to do another version of Lolly's Mickey...which involved them singing to Michael in 9S... "Oh Mikey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind hey Mikey." They also did a version for Mrs Helm and many other teachers...

She also made Hannah Potts give her a lot of piggy backs...well you can't get up that hill single handedly.

When it comes to Mr Edwards and the announcements... Mr E-"We have a few announcements.." Jess-"He's finally going to admit he's gay!" Followed by mad clapping...she did this everytime he came to the microphone

When it comes to John Holland...(the PGL instructor) After a hard day at the scout camp, And more than half an hour of John singing the crazy moose song, Jess, Emily and John were walking up the hill...

John-"I work for PGL." Jess-"How many accidents have you caused?" John-"Well one chipped his tooth." Jess-"How long have you been there?" John-"5 months." Jess-"That unbelievable, think of all the money they'd had to spend on dental should wrap the kids up in bubble wrap, and you can roll them down the hill to see if they're protected." John-"Nooo, but we could throw them and see which ones bounce." Jess-"Bubble wraps better...but they may chew it." John-"I think it's against health and safety."

So everytime Jess sees John, she mentions bubble wrap, he now thinks she is VERY strange (says him and his crazy moose song?!) tehe!!!...

I have a cat called Emily

Back in the midst of Year 9 2006/07, Jess first met the German teacher Miss Wilkes. Jess and Emily were sat next to each other and on hearing the name Emily, Miss. Wilkes decided to tell them that she had a cat called Emily. Jess found this really funny for some reason so every time she saw Miss. Wilkes she muttered, "I have a cat called Emily", meaning the real Emily found it hard to keep a straight face. The "I have a cat called Emily" joke is still going strong and has been used to freak Mr Spencer out on many occasions where Jess would yell things like "Any cats hairs in the pidgeon hole?" or "AHHH the doors moving." Poor Mr Spencer!

Mi Casa

Jess is not the brightest when it comes to Spanish...this piece of work will prove that... "Vivo en Whitewell Bottom, es un piso centrico perro mi caretera en el campo." Which when translated is... "I live in a flat called Whitewell Bottom is a centrico floor dog my carrentera in the field." She can be a bit dim at times but hopefully she will pass her Spanish GCSE. Despite the odd Spanish hiccup she is intelligent and funny and that is why we love her!

Year 10

She was in Year 10 and was still as hyper active as in Year 9. She wasn't able to sit still for long and loved to cause havoc with her hyperness. She also has a tendancy to make comments (rather too loudly) about teachers' monobrows. She is now in Scotland. When does she come back? Not even she knows that fact but you'll know it if she does return because all the peace will be shattered!