Mr (Martyn) Morris OBE

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Mr Morris in 2004

International man of mystery

Mr Martyn Morris OBE was somewhat of an unknown quantity, yet it is safe to say that BRGS would not be the institution it is today without the guidance of this great man. He was so much a part of BRGS that Mr Ventress morris-danced to mourn his retirement...

Mr Morris OBE did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for BRGS, providing a large astro-grassy place for sports lessons. As his final legacy, construction of the new Sports Hall began around the time of his retirement, and the recently completed Super Common Room has been named in his honour. Mr Morris was well liked by all students, shown by the massive celebrations as his headship came to an end.

Notably, Morris received an OBE for his services to education under John Major's government

Potted history

  • Had a passion for sailing.
  • And Austrian wall-clocks.
  • Had the most plush office in the school.
  • Supposedly ate out nearly every evening.
  • Former teacher of science, namely Physics and Chemistry.
  • Had a habit of turning up in the newspaper threatening to turn the Jolly Sailor's upstairs lounge into extra teaching space, in order to shame the council into giving planning permission for various projects.
  • Always looked sharp.
  • Accompanied by trusty sidekick, Mrs Kirk, who secretly ran the school whilst Mr Morris tinkered with his wallclocks.
  • was once spotted bobbing his head and humming along to a children's programme that featured singing and dancing vegetables whilst waiting for a geography tape to rewind.


"Thank you staff, will those on the balcony please come down. Thank you school." (at the end of every school assembly ever!)

(while covering 9S Chemistry:) Mr Morris: "So how do we make more bonds?" Raveglia: "We need more women sir!"

"Well done." Usually accompanied by a genial smile and handshake, this was Mr Morris' standard action when handing out prizes in end-of-year assemblies.

While covering Maths - Me: "Can I eat Smarties in class?" Mr Morris: "Only if you give me the blue ones"

Current Whereabouts

Living in Devon leading a relaxing retirement..